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Pictorial President Multiple Choice
It's a lot harder with the ones from a couple hundred years ago.
Wrestler or Supervillain?
The best ones are a little of both.
Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?
Which is the one who wears outrageous outfits and performs catchy pop songs?
Philosopher or F1 Driver?
The only big difference between philosophers and racecar drivers is that drivers think about driving and philosophers think about thinking.
A Pokémon Predicament
Team Rocket has altered the DNA of certain Pokémon, causing some of their colors to change. Can you help Professor Oak by identifying the Pokémon that have had their DNA altered (A) from those that were unaffected (U)?
Panic at Pixar
Does Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?
Which of the Two... Colors
You might be picking between two things, but this quiz isn't so black and white.
Lennon/McCartney - Who Wrote It?
"Songwriting is about getting the demon out of me. It's like being possessed." - John Lennon
The Beatles or Rebecca Black?
It's Friday, and you probably know what to do next.
Drug or Pokémon?
This might be extra important if you store your Pokemon in a medicine cabinet.
Kpop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop, but in others places it's Ksoda.
Rock, Paper, Pokémon!
There're already rock and steel types; it's about time to add paper.
Which of the Two... Sports Teams
Two teams face off in each question, and somehow YOU end up with all the points.
Cake or Death? II
We're not sure how anyone figured out how to make a sequel to 'Cake or Death', but we're glad they did.
Hamilton or Les Misérables?
'The Room Where I Dreamed a Dream' could be a great mash-up.
True or False: Christmas
It's hard to tell what's fact and what's fiction when there's all these reindeer flying around.
Pick the Celebrity, Avoid the Wax Figure
Are misclicks a compliment to the wax sculptor or an insult to the celebrity?
Dragon Ball Z: Characters Who Can Fly
Pick the characters that can fly in Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z.
This, But Not That
This quiz is tricky, but not impossibly so.
Halloween or Thanksgiving?
Combine turkey-crash with candy-crash and you're out for days.
World Leaders: Dead, Alive, or Fictional?
Some of these fictional leaders would do pretty well in the real world.
Capital Location: Asia
If you're gonna locate your Asian capitals, you gotta find your Seoul-mate.
Harry, Hunger or Twilight?
Wait, where does Luke Skywalker fit into all of this?
Is That the European Capital?
Hop in, we're going on a digital road trip.
This or That: NCAA Logos
A good logo doesn't mean the team will be good.
Riverdale: Betty or Veronica?
With the way Riverdale is going, soon we're going to find out that Betty and Veronica are somehow related.
Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?
No matter what show they're on, they're all liars.
Musical Instructions or Cheeses?
Probably best to know which is which before you put your mouth on either.
Black or Red Card Blitz
Your score on this quiz says more about your reflexes than your ability to play cards well.
Friends vs. HIMYM
Oh! My! God! This is going to be legen...wait for it...dary!
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