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MLB Spring Training: Grapefruit or Cactus?
Apparently you can eat cactus, but we'll stick to grapefruit for now.
Spring or Fall
Pick the word spring (springs, sprang, etc.) or fall (falls, fell, etc.) for each definition from merriam-webster.
Get the Picture: Hillary Clinton or Hilary Duff
Can you decide which quotes were said by Hillary Clinton and which were said by Hilary Duff?
► Get the Picture: Horizontal or Vertical Flag
Can you choose if the given flag has horizontal or vertical stripes?
US Cities: Falls or Springs?
Can you correctly decide if the following US cities contain either 'Falls' (F) or 'Springs' (S) in their names?
Tolkien Character or Antidepressant?
Perhaps Gollum could've had a happier ending if he'd been prescribed some Clozapine.
Get the Picture: Carolina–Duke
Can you choose the college for these NBA players?
Progressively Harder: Larger States
Is Alaska really that big or is it just benefiting from the Mercator projection?
Drug or Pokémon?
This might be extra important if you store your Pokemon in a medicine cabinet.
Forrest Gump Did It!
Life is like a box of licorice...
► Get the Picture: 'Lord of the Rings' Chapters I
Can you choose the LOTR book when one of its chapters is given?
Blitz: Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
It's a grunge-off! Actually, that sounds pretty disgusting.
Regional Seasons
Name the season that occurs in each location for the given month.
NFL Penalty Yards
15 Yards for 'Tebowing' should be added to the rule book.
Either/Or in 30: First Ladies
Now was it Jackie or Jessie Kennedy?
Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, or The Big Bopper?
Something touched me deep inside, the day the music died.
Avengers or X-Men?
This quiz is Marvelous.
Get the Picture: 'United' Countries
Can you choose which 'United' countries fit the description?
NBA: Brothers or Not
Just because they have the same last name, doesn't mean they're related.
Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?
No matter what show they're on, they're all liars.
'This' or 'That' Song Titles
You can get with this, or you can get with that.
The Beatles or Rebecca Black?
It's Friday, and you probably know what to do next.
Which Book Characters II
Can you name whether the given character is from The Catcher In The Rye or The Crucible?
One, Two...not Three CLXXXVII
Click the category into which the first two terms fit but the third does not.
Stellar Profile: Sun
If you're good with solar system trivia, this could be your moment in the sun.
Kpop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop, but in others places it's Ksoda.
A 'This or That' Quiz
This is this and that is that but this is not that and that is not this. Wait, we're confused.
Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?
Which is the one who wears outrageous outfits and performs catchy pop songs?
This or That Blitz: Marvel Heroes or Villains
There's a thin line between those who save the world and those who wish to destroy it.
True or False Blitz: Language
No second chances in this quiz.
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