This or That Quizzes

Donald Trump or Bane
It's downright uncanny!
Augustus or Nawgustus?
Augustus became emperor before it was cool.
Oceanian Animals (Picture Click)
It's kind of remarkable how much a kiwi looks like an echidna.
Secret Service Code Names
My Secret Service code name would be 'Danger.'
Google Top Searches of 2016
People search for some strange things on Google.
Younger or Older Than Betty White?
Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!
Which Machine Doesn't Do This?
For when your vacuum doesn't wash the dishes correctly
Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan?
Can you pick which icon wrote each song?
Budapest or Bucharest?
Who decided to give them such similar names anyway?
Streep, Sarandon, or Sigourney?
Can we get all three in the same movie, please?
Sun or Son?
Here comes the sun (or son).
Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship or Starship?
The tributes to Paul Kantner were missing this year, but here is one last Editor's Pick.
True or False: Billboard #1 Albums
Not the kind of billboard that you see on the highway.
Boss or Ross?
I was hoping for a Ross or Rachel quiz!
James Taylor or Taylor Swift?
This quiz is 'taylor-made' for any music fan.
Quick Pick: Holly or Ivy?
One of these bears the crown.
Venomous Animals
Make sure you have poison control on speed dial before you take this quiz.
Which Happened First? (1950s)
Dust off your poodle skirt and roller skate down to the burger hop, comrade!
Spring or Fall
Don't fall for it!
This or That: Seinfeld and the Yankees
'Guys, hitting is not about muscle. It’s simple physics. Calculate the velocity, v, in relation to the trajectory, t, in which g, gravity, of course remains a constant. It’s not complicated.' - George Costanza
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