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Sporcle's Easiest TV
They say television rots your brain, but here's proof otherwise. We hope.
Simpsons Character Blitz
Pick the characters from The Simpsons.
The Simpsons
For over 20 years, The Simpsons has been a TV and pop culture staple. Here are 63 characters (with icons!) for you to name.
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized'
This is a fan-fiction just waiting to happen.
Male TV Characters 7-to-1
''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott
Simpsons Newspaper Headlines
We get all our news from the Simpsons.
Television Checkpoints
A checkpoint usually means that your game is about to get really hard. Seems the same is true for TV checkpoints.
Animated TV Sorting Blitz
These characters are just begging to be sorted.
5 by 5 Cartoon Characters II
This quiz could also be called 'my 25 best childhood friends'.
The Wide World of Simpsons Sports
Match the sport to the Simpsons character(s) playing it.
Sets of Three V
Careful, parts of these sets could belong to other categories.
Animated TV Character Sort
If these characters all got in a room together, we're not sure everyone would leave alive.
Which Show? Cartoon Guys
A whole lot of dysfunction here.
The Simpsons Top 100
These are the 100 most cromulent Simpsons characters.
Holidays with The Simpsons
Who wouldn't want to spend the holidays in Springfield?
The Simpsons 7-to-1
Can you match each character from 'The Simpsons' to the correct category?
The Simpsons Typing Challenge
"The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now."
Ultimate Minefield Blitz
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Mmmmm..... a Simpsons Sequel
Mmmmm.... Extra Homer.
The Simpsons A-Z
Yes, yes, we know. The Simpsons did it.
Cartoon Characters By Driving GIF
We have to wonder what kind of tests are required for a cartoon license.
Tough Choices: TV Edition
The only tough choices we like to make are the ones that involve binge-watching TV shows.
Doctor Who 'Simpsonized'
We'd love to see a Doctor Who episode set in Springfield.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Television Minefield Blitz
Pick 5 items for each of these categories: Simpsons, Futurama, Southpark, Family Guy, American Dad! - without making a mistake.
Futurama or The Simpsons?
We just want to know how Lisa can be the smartest girl in her class, but still stay in 2nd grade for all those years?
Type, Draw, Paint: The Simpsons
Here's your chance to be Matt Groening for a day.
TV Side Characters: 10 to 1
Sometimes, the side characters are the best part. Othertimes, they're just the worst.
The Simpsons: Click a Food
'You don't win friends with salad!'
Brunette Cartoon Characters
Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are definitely more cute when it comes to cartoons.
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