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Finish the Famous Homer Simpson Quote
We have a feeling you'll "d'oh!" well on this quiz.
Subcategory Sort: Animated Sitcoms
Shoutout to the one of you that has seen every episode of all three shows.
Monopoly by Boardwalk: Cartoons
Pick the animated TV show-themed special edition of Monopoly based on its most expensive property.
The Simpsons
For over 20 years, The Simpsons has been a TV and pop culture staple. Here are 63 characters (with icons!) for you to name.
There's a Simpson Character in My Slogan!
Excuse me, can I get a new slogan? Mine has a character in it.
Male TV Characters 7-to-1
''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott
Fake Toys IV
In what country is the new Teen Pregnancy Beautiful doll just flying off the shelves?
Fake Toys III
These toys are sure to be at the top of every kid's holiday wish list.
Fake Toys V
Prediction for 2017: Disney will buy the rights to Star Wart and start releasing stand-alone Star Wart films.
Fake Toys VI
If these fake toy makers are trying to horrify children, they're doing a great job.
Quick Pick: The Simpsons Character Hunt
Pick the characters from The Simpsons without clicking on any decoys.
9 Fictional American male characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the United States.
The Simpsons Silhouettes
Pick the correct silhouette to go with each 'The Simpsons' character? .
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Multi-Category Ninesomes
This quiz really goes the whole nine yards.
9 Fictional American female characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the United States.
The Simpsons Top 100
These are the 100 most cromulent Simpsons characters.
Simpsons Animals
Because animals have names, too!
Simpsons Pick the President
The true mark of a great president is whether or not they appeared on The Simpsons.
Sporcle's Easiest TV
They say television rots your brain, but here's proof otherwise. We hope.
Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized'
This is a fan-fiction just waiting to happen.
'B' Sitcom Surnames
'B' ready for a bunch of last names.
The Simpsons: Click a Food
'You don't win friends with salad!'
The Simpsons 'Periodic Table'
Periodically, science and TV come together quite nicely.
Paint a Picture of Marge Simpson
Just make sure to bring a lot of blue and yellow paint.
Follow That Line: The Simpsons
'Embiggens?' I never heard that word before I moved to Springfield.
This or That Blitz: Simpsons or Family Guy
It's the dysfunctional family feud.
Animated TV Sorting Blitz
These characters are just begging to be sorted.
Minor Simpsons Characters
At this point, there are probably enough minor Simpsons characters to actually populate a small town.
LogiCrossword: The Simpsons
Can you fill in the first names of the five main characters of The Simpsons with NO letters or hints provided?
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