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For over 20 years, The Simpsons has been a TV and pop culture staple. Here are 63 characters (with icons!) for you to name.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Game of Thrones 'Simpsonized'
This is a fan-fiction just waiting to happen.
Quick Pick: Simpsons Characters
Match the first name of each Simpsons character to the correct last name.
The Simpsons Classroom Allocation
These kids have been in the same classrooms for nearly 30 years!
Word Ladder: Bouvier Twins
Name the 5-letter words in this Simpsons themed ladder.
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Cartoon Caps
Name the Cartoons that inspired these caps.
Male TV Characters 7-to-1
''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott
The Simpsons Top 100
These are the 100 most cromulent Simpsons characters.
Profile: Homer Simpson
'Okay, brain. You don't like me, and I don't like you, but let's get through this thing and then I can continue killing you with beer.'
The Simpsons A-Z
Yes, yes, we know. The Simpsons did it.
The Simpsons Typing Challenge
"The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now."
Almost Useless Simpsons Trivia
Me Fail Sporcle? That's unpossible.
Simpsonized Star Wars Characters
Name the Star Wars characters that have been drawn in the style of The Simpsons.
Simpsons Non-Denominational Quotes
Pick the correct religious word to complete the Simpsons quote.
Television Checkpoints
A checkpoint usually means that your game is about to get really hard. Seems the same is true for TV checkpoints.
Simpsons Pick the President
The true mark of a great president is whether or not they appeared on The Simpsons.
This or That Blitz: Simpsons or Family Guy
Can you identify whether the characters listed are from the (S) Simpsons or (F) Family Guy cartoons before time runs out?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Television II
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Television subcategory?
The Simpsons 7-to-1
Can you match each character from 'The Simpsons' to the correct category?
Simpsons/Family Guy Musical Parodies (Clips)
'If you cut every corner, it is really not so bad. Everybody does it. Even Mom and Dad. If nobody sees it, then nobody gets mad. It's the American way!'
Simpsons Surname Match-Up
Thankfully there is at least one Kwik-E-Mart owner whose name you won't have to type.
Patriotic Cartoons
Name the animated characters that are celebrating Independence Day.
The Simpsons: Click a Food
'You don't win friends with salad!'
Simpsons Characters by First Appearance
Can you put these Simpsons characters in order of their first appearances?
5 by 5 Cartoon Characters II
This quiz could also be called 'my 25 best childhood friends'.
Animated TV Character Sort
If these characters all got in a room together, we're not sure everyone would leave alive.
TV Side Characters: 10 to 1
Sometimes, the side characters are the best part. Othertimes, they're just the worst.
5-Star TV Villains
Which villain is the most evil of them all?
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