The Simpsons Quizzes

Simpsons Animals
Because animals have names too!
Simpsons Literal Literature
We have a hard time believing that most of these characters spend their free time reading.
Animated TV Character Sort
What sort of animated TV characters? Find out here.
What's Homer Simpson Talking About?
Certainly an oft asked question.
Simpsons New Year's Resolutions
"We resolve to never grow older!" - The Simpsons
Fake Toys V
Prediction for 2017: Disney will buy the rights to Star Wart and start releasing stand-alone Star Wart films.
Realistic Simpsons
Perhaps realism is overrated?
5-Star TV Villains
Which villain is the most evil of them all?
Simpsons TV Shows
'Come, family. Sit in the snow with daddy and let us all bask in TV's warm glowing warming glow.'
Made-Up TV Holidays
'It’s made from aluminum. Very high strength-to-weight ratio.'
Fake Toys IV
In what country is the new Teen Pregnancy Beautiful doll just flying off the shelves?
The Simpsons Top 100
These are the 100 most cromulent Simpsons characters.
Episode Title References: Simpsons Halloween Segments
As usual, we must warn you that this year's Halloween quizzes are very, very scary.
Simpsonized TV Shows
Because animation is fun.
Simpsons Tattoos
Real cartoon tattoos on real cartoon characters!
Simpsons Pick the President
The true mark of a great president is whether or not they appeared on The Simpsons.
TV Show Crochet Dolls
Extend your TV show enjoyment into the third dimension!
Which Simpson in the Title? (Seasons 1-4)
How well do you know this family?
Fake Toys III
These toys are sure to be at the top of every kid's holiday wish list.
Simpsons Character Flashbacks/Forwards
Shouldn't Bart and Lisa be in their 30s by now?
The Simpsons: Click a Food
'You don't win friends with salad!'
Clickable Simpsons Quotes
'They took my dressing room, my parking space, even my writer, so I don't have a funny third item.'
TV Characters Shooting Gallery
Lots of targets for practicing your sharp-clicking skills.
Television Checkpoints
A checkpoint usually means that your game is about to get really hard. Seems the same is true for TV checkpoints.
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