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Dwight Schrute's Perfect Crime
'It’s never the person who you most suspect. It’s also never the person you least suspect since anyone with half a brain would suspect them the most. Therefore, I know the killer to be Phyllis… The person who I most medium suspect.'
Get the Picture: The Office Accountants
Pick the accountant from The Office that matches each clue.
Television Without 'Television'
There's some level of inception going on here, but it's a little backwards.
The Office: Popularity Contest
Can you pick which of the two characters appeared in more episodes of 'The Office'?
The Office: 7-to-1
Pick the correct members of these following categories.
The Office: Pick the Place
Can you name pick the correct locations where these events happened in The Office (US)?
Get the Picture: Ferrell or Carell?
Can you choose if each hint is pertaining to Will Ferrell or Steve Carell?
TV Show by Cookie
Name the TV shows depicted in these cookies.
Ups & Downs: The Office
Can you answer two sets of symmetrical, themed clues (one going up, the other going down), each beginning with the same set of letters?
The Office Endings
Match these characters to where we last see them in The Office.
Missing Member: Television
We're hiring you as a detective. Congratulations!
'The Office' Themed Trivia
“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”
Michael Scott Alter Ego Matchup
Given a description of a Michael Scott alter ego, can you determine which character is being described?
The Office Pilot Characters Minefield
Click the characters that appeared in the first episode of 'The Office' without picking any decoys.
Michael Scott 7-to-1
Place the following answers into the right categories, all regarding to Michael Scott.
The Office: Couple Matchup
Can you match up the characters which were couples in The Office?
Dunder Mifflin Branches Minefield
Can you pick all of the current or former branches of Dunder Mifflin without picking any decoys?
Dunder Mifflin Managers Minefield
Pick the characters who have been Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton without picking any decoys.
The Office Pilot Characters
Name the characters that appeared in the first episode of The Office (US).
The Office Periodic Table
Only true Office fans can get them all... See 'How To Play' section for directions.
Odd One Out: The Office
'Everything I have I owe to this job... this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job.'
True or False Blitz: Television
Years of TV have made our attention spans last about two minutes, so this quiz is perfect.
Logic Grid Puzzle #5 - Sitcoms
Can you solve the Logic Puzzle (See How To Play)?
Vowel-less Backwards TV Shows
Do you have to turn your TV around to watch a backwards TV show?
Multi-Category Tensomes
One for each finger.
The Office Characters by One Word
Select the character that best fits each one word description.
The Office Episodes Minefield
Can you pick all of proper episode titles from 'The Office (US)' without picking any decoys?
Mega Multi-Category: Television Sitcoms
Can you sort these television sitcom characters into the correct categories?
The Office by the Numbers
Pick the correct numbers which correspond to each of these facts about The Office (US).
Iconic TV Duos
Name more iconic duos... We'll wait.
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