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One Word Novel Names Typing Blitz
Can you type the names of these 38 one-word titles of novels in 60 seconds?
Get the Picture: Ginny or Prim
Can you pick whether the clue refers to Ginny Weasley or Primrose Everdeen?
The Hunger Trek Games
Can you identify if the following characters are from the Star Trek Universe or The Hunger Games Universe?
Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: Reaping Song
Name the words to the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: Reaping Song.
Five Word Ladders: Books
Name the four letter words in each of these book-themed word ladders?*.
Hunger Games Actors in Books Turned Movies
Name the actors who were in the Hunger Games movies and another movie based off a book.
Real Hunger Games Name or Not?
Pick the real Hunger Games names from the fake.
Hunger Games Or Avengers
Can you choose which franchise fits these descriptions?
Rapper or The Hunger Games Character?
Can you separate all The (H)unger Games Characters from the (R)appers?
Get to Safety: Hunger Games
District 13 needs your help! We need to find Buttercup (aka the cat) before Prim notices that he's gone! Check the How to Play for instructions.
The Hunger Games: Actor-Character Mix
Match the actors who have switched surnames with their character from The Hunger Games film series.
Literature Subcategory 'J'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'J'?
The Hunger Games Book Covers by Language
Can you find The Hunger Games book cover for a specific language?
Vowel-less Hunger Games (Picture Click)
When given the name without vowels, can you pick the correct Hunger Games character?
Quick Pick: Romans in the Hunger Games
Pick the figures from Ancient Rome that share a name with a major Hunger Games character, while avoiding those that do not.
Third in Line: Young Adult Series
Can you click the book that is the third installment of the following young adult series?
The Hunger Games: First and Last Characters
Name the first ten characters and the last ten characters mentioned by name in each book of the 'The Hunger Games' series.
Foreshadowing in Literature
Pick the piece of literature by a line within that literature that foreshadows events within it.
Number the Hunger Game Districts
Can you number the Hunger Games districts subservient to the Capitol by the logo representig their industry?
District? Hunger Games
Can you determine whether the Hunger Games character given is from the district (or Capitol) noted on the map, within the time limit? Type (Y) or (N).
Literal Hunger Games Characters
Name the characters from the Hunger Games series represented by these images.
Hunger Games by Gross
Can you correctly pick the Hunger Games films in order by total worldwide grossing?
Word Ladder: The Boy with the Bread
Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder about a character in the Hunger Games.
Badly Drawn Hunger Games Characters
Can you guess the name of the badly drawn Hunger Games character?
Sporcle Jumble: The Hunger Games
Can you unscramble these themed words and then unscramble their bonus letters to find the final word?
Movie Franchise Character Sorting VIII
Just don't sort them into a jar of dirt. Sounds unpleasant.
Nine in Time: The Hunger Games Characters
Pick the nine The Hunger Games characters by name in only 30 seconds.
Typing Challenge: 50 Top Selling Authors Ever
Complete the typing challenge: 50 Top Selling Authors Ever.
Hunger Games: Book 1 Trivia
Name the answers to these questions about ''The Hunger Games,'' the first book in The Hunger Games series.
The Hunger Games Trilogy First Sentences
We find it hard to concentrate on any sort of games when we're really hungry.
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