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Fictional Universes By Quote
May the odds be ever in your favor...or not. It's cool either way.
Hunger Games Victors
Have you heard of this Hunger Games thing? It hasn't been in the news or anything.
Movie Franchise Character Sorting VIII
Just don't sort them into a jar of dirt. Sounds unpleasant.
Harry, Hunger, or Twilight? II
This is great and all, but what about Divergent? Star Wars?
Shakespeare at The Hunger Games
We're not so sure that Will himself would have lasted very long in the arena.
Tough Choices: Literature Edition
As if literature wasn't tough enough.
Hunger Games Trilogy Surnames
That's Miss Foxface to you.
Kid's Book Series Sort-O-Rama
If you were a kid at some point, you probably read at least one of these.
Hunger Games Character by Limerick
Hunger Games Limericks? This is going to be interesting.
10-to-1 Literary Characters
These characters can't find their books! Help them get back where they belong.
3-D Literature II
No funny-looking glasses required.
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2012
Can you match each actor to the correct 2012 film in which they appeared?
Hunger Games Trivia (Catching Fire)
Just how much do you know about Catching Fire?
Hunger Games Characters by Mentions
The most mentioned character in the Hunger Games? The answer might surprise you.
Hunger Games Trilogy Survivors
You have to be both smart and lucky to survive all three Hunger Games books.
Word Ladder: Harry & Katniss?
Name the four letter words in this integrated Harry Potter and Hunger Games themed ladder.
Hunger Games: Competitor or Not?
There's only one winner. Unless, you know, your group decides to break the rules.
The Hunger Games: Boy or Girl?
This would be a whole lot easier if people in this series had normal names.
Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice
The more characters in the quiz, the more character the quiz has.
Tributes of the 75th Hunger Games
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...
Hunger Games Weapons
Apparently Pita didn't use a rolling pin as a weapon in the Hunger Games.
'Hunger Games' Start to Finish III
Can you choose the events of Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part 1 in order?
Hunger Games Characters in Other Words
We always thought Castor & Pollux were just characters in the movie Face/Off.
Panem Industry Match-Up
Panem doesn't have a district that makes candy!? No wonder everyone is so upset.
Hunger Games Character Match
A good Hunger Games name is always half Latin and half nature themed.
'The Hanging Tree' Lyrics
Hunger Games fans, you might want to pull out a box of tissues for this one.
74th Hunger Games Logic Puzzle
Can you figure out which tributes were (K)illed, attacked by (M)utts, (S)tarved, and who the eventual (V)ictor is?
Hunger Games Character Blitz
Pick the Hunger Games characters.
Hunger Games District Match
Ready to do some matchmaking?
Word Ladder: Hungry Games
Name the 5-letter words in this Hunger Games themed word ladder.
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