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Hunger Games: Who Died?
Admittedly, this quiz made us a little sad.
Movie Franchise Character Sorting
Can you sort these movie characters into the franchises they belong in?
20 Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters
We know you're curious, but have a little respect!
Harry, Hunger or Twilight?
Wait, where does Luke Skywalker fit into all of this?
Definitions beginning with Plu
Pick the Words beginning with Plu based on their definition.
Hunger Games Character Match
A good Hunger Games name is always half Latin and half nature themed.
Hunger Games Quarter Quell
President Snow really had to have been worried about his approval ratings.
Click the Fandom Symbol
Pick the correct fandom symbol.
The Hunger Games Competitors
And may the odds be ever in your favor...
10-to-1 Young Adult Characters
Not all of these young adult characters can be considered role models.
Hunger Games Trilogy Survivors
You have to be both smart and lucky to survive all three Hunger Games books.
Movie Franchise Character Sorting III
Can you sort these movie characters into the franchises they belong in?
The Hunger Games Districts
You know, we could go for something to eat right about now...
Fictional Universes By Quote
May the odds be ever in your favor...or not. It's cool either way.
3-D Literature II
No funny-looking glasses required.
Fandom by Symbol
Name the fandoms by their well-known symbol or image.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XII
At some point, we should create a multi-category minefield blitz just about previous quizzes in this series.
The Imaginary Map of Imaginary Worlds
Click the Fantasy World where you could find each location.
Missing Word: 'ing' Things
Name the words in these titles ending in '-ing'.
Top Grossing Franchise
Pick the Top Grossing Franchise in order from highest to lowest.
Hunger Games District Blitz
Match the district to each Hunger Games character without missing any? Use two-digit numbers like '01', '02', '03' etc..
Grab Bag for Sporcle Badge Collectors
Find the answers to these questions and get that much closer to several Sporcle badges.
Word Ladder: 'Mockingjay' Forecast
Name the 4-letter words in this 'Mockingjay' themed ladder? (*WARNING: Contains spoilers from 'The Hunger Games' series).
Panem Districts Sorting Gallery
It can get dangerous in some of these Panem districts.
Fandom Matching
Pick the correct actors, episodes/titles and characters to each fandom.
Hunger Games District Match
Ready to do some matchmaking?
Word Ladder: Harry & Katniss?
Name the four letter words in this integrated Harry Potter and Hunger Games themed ladder.
Fandom General Knowledge
Name the Fandom General Knowledge.
Hunger Games Characters by Mentions
The most mentioned character in the Hunger Games? The answer might surprise you.
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Neither (Blitz)
Name the whether the character is from Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or neither in under 30 seconds.
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