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You Choose Trivia
You can go the easy route or the hard route, the choice is yours.
Follow That Lyric: Beatles
Follow the lyrics, but don't go overboard.
Beatles Number 1 Singles Minefield
Name the Beatles number 1 singles without naming any songs which did not get to number 1.
Missing Lyrics: Let it Be
Can you give the missing lyrics of Let it Be by the Beatles?
Get the Picture: Rock Bands
Can you choose the correct rock band for each clue?
Beatles Songs by Album Blitz
Can you name any Beatles song that appears on each album, so that entering a correct answer will trigger every other song on that album as an answer?
The Beatles or Queen?
One group's the Fab Four, and the other are just Killer Queens.
10 to 1: The Beatles Albums
If this quiz gives you a Hard Day's Night, just ask for Help!
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 1)
I thought for sure that yeah yeah yeah would be on here.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 3)
Apparently all you need is love and eight minutes of guessing.
Greatest Songs by Lyric (1-25)
Are all lyrics in a great song equally great? You tell us.
Tough Choices: Music Edition
The toughest music choice has gotta be what you want to listen to.
'Here Comes the Sun' Lyrics
'Here Comes the Seasonal Allergies' was not quite as inspiring.
'Help!' Lyrics
Who are these 'Beatles' and why do they need our help?
Beatles Song Titles in Other Songs
Turns out The Beatles were even more influential than we thought!
The Beatles: A Day in the Life (Clicky-oke)
Does anyone actually know what they're saying at the end of this song?
Whose B-Side -- Stones or Beatles?
Can you choose which group recorded these B-sides -- the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
Fast Facts: Music (True or False)
Singing along discouraged. It'll slow you down.
Finish the Famous Beatles Lyric
"Na na na" is usually a good guess.
20th Century Events by Lego II
Putting together the building blocks of history.
Music... By 14 Other Categories!
Music makes the world go 'round.
Grab Bag by Initials
You never know what will come out of a grab bag.
Reverse Alphabet: Music
If you play this Sporcle quiz backwards, you will not hear a hidden message.
Click the Band Members: The Beatles
We had lots of Beatles puns, but that was Yesterday.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 2)
Hard core Beatles fans will play this, then play it again in reverse.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 5)
We could give you a hint, but that just seems like cheating.
'Hey Jude' Lyrics
This is one of the most successful songs of all time. Can you get 100% on the lyrics?
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 6)
These quizzes are a lot easier now that the Beatles are on iTunes.
The Beatles - ♪ First Verses ♪
Name the words to the first verses of these Beatles songs.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 11)
We'd like to give you a hint about which Beatles song this quiz is about, but that would be cheating.
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