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Numbers & Letters Together at Last
We're not sure if this is going to be a long term relationship or not.
Quick Pick: Beatles Love
Pick the missing word from each Beatles song containing the word 'love'.
7 to 1: One Word Album Titles
Pick the albums with one word titles for each artist.
7 to 1: Rolling Stone's All-Time Greatest Albums
And just how many albums by The Rolling Stones got on this list?
10 to 1: Billboard #1 Singles
The hits just keep on coming!
Which One's the Oldest?
If you need help, ask your grandparents.
Beatles Albums (Redux)
The Beatles sure liked to put their name in their album titles.
Opening Lyrics - The Beatles
It's like The Beatles said, take a sad song and make it better.. or into a Sporcle quiz.
Click the Band Members: The Beatles
We had lots of Beatles puns, but that was Yesterday.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 3)
Apparently all you need is love and eight minutes of guessing.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 13)
We hope The Beatles never do a reunion tour like other bands do. They'd only be half the band they used to be.
The British Invasion
Name the All the British Invasion Bands.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 9)
It's been a hard days night, and I've been Sporcling like a dog.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
In case you're looking for a new way to sort your record collection, this quiz has a few ideas.
Beatles Consonants
The Beatles did have a way with words.
Grab Bag by Initials
You never know what will come out of a grab bag.
The Beatles' Vocabulary
All you need is... a dictionary?
Beatles Albums
The Beatles only released 13 studio albums, but every single one of them was a classic.
Paint by Trivia: The Beatles
Finally, a quiz not afraid to show its true colors.
Crochet Dolls Singers
Pick the Crochet Dolls who represent these singers or these bands.
Clickable Classic Rock Songs II
Pick the correct songs for each of these classic rock bands.
Find the Beatles
Can you Find the Beatles?
Beatles Albums Sorting
Can you sort all the Beatles' songs from the studio albums to their parent albums?
Grab Bag for Sporcle Badge Collectors
Find the answers to these questions and get that much closer to several Sporcle badges.
10 to 1 Beatles Countdown
Just bringing a little Beatlemania to your day.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 14)
We hope this quiz brings a little Beatle-Mania to 2016.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 10)
Wow, these Beatles guys were pretty good, right?
Mis-Matched Beatles
It's a shame some of these mis-matched songs were never actually made.
Classic Rock Sorting Gallery
Let there be rock... and not the sedimentary kind, either.
A Beatles Lyric Letter
If you read this letter in reverse you'll discover that Paul McCartney is only half-walrus.
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