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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XI
If you think Deadpool is a Premier League team, this might not be the quiz for you.
The Beatles: Penny Lane (Clicky-Oke)
It's in my ears and in my eyes.
Obscure Knowledge - Yesterday Lyrics
With only one attempt, what is the least guessed word of 4 letters or more from the lyrics of The Beatles Yesterday you can name? (Stats taken from Sporcle's own 'Name the Yesterday lyrics' quiz)
Classic Rock Sorting Gallery
Let there be rock... and not the sedimentary kind, either.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 3)
Apparently all you need is love and eight minutes of guessing.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 11)
We'd like to give you a hint about which Beatles song this quiz is about, but that would be cheating.
The Beatles or Rebecca Black?
It's Friday, and you probably know what to do next.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
Can you sort the 100 Music items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Opening Lyrics - The Beatles
It's like The Beatles said, take a sad song and make it better.. or into a Sporcle quiz.
Beatles Song Titles in Other Songs
Turns out The Beatles were even more influential than we thought!
Come Together Clicky-oke
We don't know what a 'joo joo eyeball' is, but it sounds painful.
The Beatles: A Day in the Life (Clicky-oke)
Does anyone actually know what they're saying at the end of this song?
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 6)
These quizzes are a lot easier now that the Beatles are on iTunes.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 2)
Hard core Beatles fans will play this, then play it again in reverse.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 1)
I thought for sure that yeah yeah yeah would be on here.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 5)
We could give you a hint, but that just seems like cheating.
Beatles Songs (Studio Album Tracks)
We'd tell you to load all these up in iTunes and give a listen, but Apple and the Beatles can't quite seem to ...come together.
Finish the Famous Beatles Lyric
"Na na na" is usually a good guess.
Complete the Beatles Song... With a Picture
Some pictures are worth a thousand words, these are only worth one.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 14)
We hope this quiz brings a little Beatle-Mania to 2016.
'Hey Jude' Lyrics
This is one of the most successful songs of all time. Can you get 100% on the lyrics?
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 13)
We hope The Beatles never do a reunion tour like other bands do. They'd only be half the band they used to be.
'Here Comes the Sun' Lyrics
'Here Comes the Seasonal Allergies' was not quite as inspiring.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 9)
It's been a hard days night, and I've been Sporcling like a dog.
Word Ladder: Beatles Hits
Someone might need to 'Help!' you up the ladder this time.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Music Minefield Blitz
For a real challenge, listen to a 90 second song that you hate while sorting these answers.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 8)
These guys did pretty well despite not being able to spell the word 'beetle'.
The Beatles' Songs by Any Word
If you can't remember them all, just let it be.
Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (clicky-oke)
Pick the following words to the Beatles' song Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite!.
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (clicky-oke)
Pick the following words to The Beatles song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da .
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