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7 to 1: The Beatles Albums
I'll give you 7 to 1 odds on this quiz
3-Word Beatles Song Match
Pick the words to form songs by The Beatles that are exactly 3 words long.
Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins?
Can you pick which Genesis singer sang each song?
Grab Bag by Initials
You never know what will come out of a grab bag.
album by first 3 songs II
I was looking for Thick as a Brick and then remembered the album only had 1 song
Songs Not For Winners
The Super Bowl is just days away, but not everyone is a winner.
Portrait of an Artist: The Beatles
You'll need a bold and vibrant knowledge of The Beatles for this one.
Thirteen Groups of Thirteen
Can you identify all thirteen members of the following groups?
Beatles Albums by Any Song
For an added challenge, don't enter any song titles that are the same as the album they're on.
Singers and Bands by Russian Doll
Played this quiz Nyet?
The Beatles vs. Michael Jackson
Four against one just ain't fair!
Song Title Endings: The Beatles
We're still waiting for the mop-top to come back in style.
Best-seller A-Z: Group or Singer?
I am so disappointed that Spinal Tap missed this quiz
You'll Love This Quiz
Can you choose the correct answer to each question about 'Love'?
Here Comes the Sun
Can you eclipse the average score on this quiz?
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 14)
We hope this quiz brings a little Beatle-Mania to 2016.
Which Album?: The Beatles
When will there there be a which Albom quiz? That would be easy, the answer would always be Mitch
All About The Beatles
This quiz lets you experience Beatlemania without all the stampedes of adolescent girls.
Lyrics: Abbey Road Medley by Most Any Word
Complete the lyrics to the Medley on Side 2 of the Beatles' Abbey Road album? Type most any word* from a line to reveal the whole line..
Paint by Trivia: The Beatles
Finally, a quiz not afraid to show its true colors.
Come Together Clicky-oke
We don't know what a 'joo joo eyeball' is, but it sounds painful.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Music Minefield Blitz
For a real challenge, listen to a 90 second song that you hate while sorting these answers.
Beatles, Not Stones (Clickable)
I was supposed to see the Stones last night, but that concert was cancelled. This quiz will not be cancelled!
Beatles Opening Lines Match Up
I think I see an opening!
'S'-Less Grab Bag
S is for Snow White, South Carolina, Sloth, and everything else that's not in this quiz.
The Beatles: Song/Album Match
Even if you have no idea, you've got a 1/13 shot of being right.
Find that Beatle! (Picture Click)
Do you know your Beatles hair styles or are you an expert on their album covers? Take this original quiz and you can find out if you are.
Mis-Matched Beatles
It's a shame some of these mis-matched songs were never actually made.
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