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Bullseye Blitz: Holidays!
Maybe you'll get struck by one of Cupid's arrows?
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
Tough Choices: Holiday Edition
To celebrate, or not to celebrate- that is the question.
Catch the Turkeys!
These turkeys aren't going to run. What, you think they're chicken?
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
Anatomy of a Turkey
The only parts we usually worry about are white meat and dark meat.
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Match-Up
There's a good chance these characters will pop into your head.
Thanksgiving A to Z
Learn some factoids to impress your distant cousins at Thanksgiving dinner!
Thanksgiving Foods By Image
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat some tasty food.
Giving Thanks
Just a few things to remember to be thankful for during this holiday season.
NFL Thanksgiving Appearances
If it weren't for football, you'd have to spend a lot of awkward time talking to your family on Thanksgiving.
Mixed Word: Thanksgiving
Name the Thanksgiving related words that can be made from the scrambles.
The First Thanksgiving Feast
If you want a real traditional Thanksgiving feast, try making these foods.
Alice's Restaurant
18 minutes and 34 seconds of pure delight.
8 to 1: Autumn
Pick the answers that fit into each category related to the season of Autumn.
Miscellaneous... By Other 14 Categories!
Can you choose the correct answers to questions on topics which are typical to the Miscellaneous category, or just on various free topics, based on each other Sporcle category?
Which Holiday II
Let's just mash them all together into one mega-holiday.
Spot the Difference XXI
Either way, these differences are good enough to eat.
Holiday Character College!
Pick the holiday character who would most likely teach these whimsical college courses.
10 to 1: Holidays
Pick the words related to each holiday.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Holiday.
Badly Drawn Holidays
Looks like Hallmark just got some new holiday card ideas.
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