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Get Connected!: Holiday Sequences
Can you deduce the sequence or pattern that connects the four holiday items, and then provide the next item in the series?
Festive US Presidents
We're curious what holiday our next president might proclaim.
Anatomy of a Turkey
The only parts we usually worry about are white meat and dark meat.
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
The Big Board: Holidays
A big board of holiday cheer.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Holiday.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Holiday subcategory?
Who Am I? Holiday Mascots and Characters
In our opinion Colonel Sanders should be incorporated into every holiday.
Spot the Difference XXI
Either way, these differences are good enough to eat.
Clickable Thanksgiving Jokes
Why did the turkey cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken!
Thanksgiving Dinner Countries
These foods might end up in your stomach, but where did they all come from?
Thanksgiving Themed Trivia
Can you answer the questions from each of the Sporcle categories in this Thanksgiving-themed quiz?
Catch the Turkeys!
These turkeys aren't going to run. What, you think they're chicken?
Holiday Character Blitz
Can you find the holiday characters?
Holiday Anagrams II
Can you name things from all realms of Holiday when given these mixed words?
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
Holiday by Eye Make-Up
Pick the make-up design that was inspired by each holiday or festival.
NFL Thanksgiving Droughts
If only there was a team called the Turkeys, they'd play on Thanksgiving every year.
Holiday 7-to-1
Can you match each Holiday-associated answer to the correct category?
Autumn Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears who represent these Autumn holidays, facts and symbols.
Holidays by Pumpkin
What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport? Squash!
Word Ladder: Thanksgiving Highlight
Name the four-letter words in this Thanksgiving ladder.
'Friends' Thanksgiving Episodes
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the wisdom of Joey Tribbiani.
Thanksgiving Foods By Image
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat some tasty food.
100 Things Worth 'Giving'
Why not give this a shot?
Entertainment... By Other 14 Categories!
Can you choose the correct answers to questions on topics which are typical to the Entertainment category, based on each other Sporcle category?
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
Reverse the holidays? The New Year is going to get really confusing!
Thanksgiving Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears who represent these Thanksgiving symbols, characters and events.
Thanksgiving History
We'll spare you a corny Thanksgiving pun.
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