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Anatomy of a Turkey
The only parts we usually worry about are white meat and dark meat.
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
After you play this quiz, you might as well take a nap.
Trivia Pyramid: Holidays
This doesn't mean the holiday at the top is necessarily the best though.
Catch the Turkeys!
These turkeys aren't going to run. What, you think they're chicken?
Autumn Teddy Bears
You just might fall in love with these adorable bears.
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
Thanksgiving Teddy Bears
Sometimes you eat so much, it feels like your stuffing is coming out.
Holidays by Pumpkin
What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport? Squash!
'T' 'U' 'R' 'K' 'E' 'Y'-less States
When in doubt, just start typing states.
Missing Word: Thanksgiving Words
Name the Thanksgiving related words from these categories.
Go Fish: Holidays!
Can you click either the given holiday or the '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' button if that holiday is not available?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Holiday
It's time to get to celebrating. You've got a lot to do.
Holiday 7-to-1
Can you match each Holiday-associated answer to the correct category?
Holiday by iPhone Case
Can you click the correct iPhone based on the holiday it celebrates?
The Detroit Lions Thanksgiving opponents
Name the The Detroit Lions Thanksgiving opponents.
Hidden Foods (Picture Click Quiz)
Can you find the hidden foods in this puzzle?
Word Ladder: Thanksgiving Relish
Name the four-letter words in this tangy ladder.
The West Wing's Best Thanksgiving Quotes
Name the the West Wing character credited with these quotes from the Thanksgiving episodes.
100 Things Worth 'Giving'
Why not give this a shot?
Calendrier 2020
Clique sur la bonne date du calendrier 2020 selon la fĂȘte ou l'Ă©vĂ©nement demandĂ©.
Why Did My Wife Marry Me?
Can you figure out why my wife married me?
Subcategory Acrostic 46
Can you answer each of these clues? The first letter of each clue gives you the subcategory, while the blue letters give you a bonus word!
US Holidays in Order (with pics!)
Pick the U.S. federal holidays in order (beginning on January 1st) without making a mistake.
The First Thanksgiving Feast
If you want a real traditional Thanksgiving feast, try making these foods.
Quick Pick: First Thanksgiving Foods
Pick the foods that were eaten in the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621 without picking any that weren't.
Black the Block: Holiday
Nothing says "happy holidays" like total darkness.
Pick the Holiday Image
Can't decide? Just celebrate them all!
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Holiday II
Let's celebrate good trivia 365 days a year.
Holiday by Socks Click
Can you click the correct socks that match the given holiday?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Holiday
Can you sort the holiday terms into their categories before time runs out?
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