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First and Last Verse: Matthew (KJV)
Can you name every word of the first and last verses of Matthew in the King James Version of the Bible?
Bible Verses by Emojis I
Pick the correct emojis to fill in the blanks of these Bible verses.
Books of the New Testament
Can you fill the grid by naming the books of the New Testament?
LogiCrossword: The Four Gospels
Can you fill in the Four Gospels in this grid?
New Testament Figures by Heraldry
Name the New Testament characters by their heraldic representations.
Bible ABCs
Can you choose the correct answer for each biblical question?
Bible Book by Pattern
Name the unique Old or New Testament books that fit these patterns.
Profile: Adam
Do you know these facts about Adam?
Draw Creation
Can you fill in the blanks from Genesis 1 (NIV) to draw creation?
Old Testament Books in Alphabetical Order
Pick the Old Testament books in alphabetical order before the time runs out (numbers removed).
First and Last Verse: Genesis (KJV)
Can you name every word of the first and last verses of Genesis in the King James Version of the Bible?
'J' in Religion
Choose the correct 'J' answer
Letter Pyramid - Books of the Old Testament
Build each level of the pyramid by naming a book of the Old Testament with the same number of letters as bricks in that level of the pyramid. (See How to Play)
Celebrity Picture Click: Bible Version
When given a book of the Bible, can you correctly click each celebrity it corresponds to? See Game Note for Details.
4 Syllable Bible Books
Name the Bible Books (Old and New Testament) whose names (excluding numbers) consist of exactly 4 syllables? .
-AH Names in the Bible
Can you fill in the grid with the following Bible names that end in -AH? See Game Note.
Clickable Great Commission
Can you click the phrases of Jesus' Great Commission, in order? (Matthew 28:18-20, NIV)
Begins and Ends: Bible Books
We guess you could say this quiz is about bookends.
Follow That Line: Easter Verses
Pick the line that follows each given line from these Bible Verses about Easter.
1/10 of Matt. 28
Can you name one out of every ten words of (KJV) Matthew chapter 28?*
Multiple Choice: Books of the Old Testament Spelling
Those old prophet names would be worth a lot of points, if only they were legal in Scrabble.
'H' Bible Book Verses
Can you determine whether each NIV Bible verse below is from Habakkuk, Haggai, Hebrews or Hosea?
Trivia Pyramid: Religion & Mythology
Can you climb the pyramid by answering the religious and mythological questions?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Just like with most religions, you can only choose one.
Genesis Events in Order
If you get stuck on this, we Noah guy who can probably help.
Bible Book, Number, or Country?
Can you decide whether the missing word in each movie or book title is a book of the (B)ible, a (n)umber, or a (c)ountry?**
Biblical Extremes
Can you choose these Biblical extremes based on books and text from the King James Version?
Which Disciple?
Who could it be? So many apostle-bilities.
First and Last Verse: Psalms (KJV)
Can you name every word of the first and last verses of Psalms in the King James Version of the Bible?
Common Biblical Passages - Slot Machine I
Complete this slot machine that contains some of the most common (KJV) Biblical passages.
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