Testament Quizzes

Mystery Bible Person I
Can you figure out the mystery Bible person with as few clues as possible?
Old Testament Minefield
Can you click the books of the Old Testament while avoiding those in the New Testament?
Bible Books that End in Vowels
Name the books of the Bible (Old or New Testament) that end in vowels.
Ten Letter Religion A-Z
Name the ten-letter religious words.
Bible Study: 20 Questions on Exodus
Can you answer the following questions on the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Christian Old Testament?
What Did I Type? (Bible Books)
Can you deduce the books of the bible based on the keystrokes?
New Testament: Last Letter Blitz
Name the New Testament books with these last letters.
Sistine Chapel Genesis Art
Can you click the correct Sistine Chapel ceiling painting for each of the nine scenes from the Book of Genesis?
New Testament Venn Diagram
Can you click the correct section within (or outside) the Venn diagram for each New Testament Figure according to which label(s) apply?
Savior Crossword
Jesus is the theme of this crossword.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Religion subcategory?
Nine Letter Religion A-Z
Name the nine-letter religious words.
Tough Choices: Religion Edition
Religion isn't an exact science, but that doesn't mean there aren't facts and figures.
Common Bible Words A-Z
Name the most common bible word (KJV) for each letter of the alphabet.
Over/Under 10 Chapters: New Testament
The New Testament is truly Ruth-less.
Matchup: New Testament - Novum Testamentum
Match the English names of the KJV New Testament books to their corresponding Latin names in the Latin Vulgate Bible.
Old or New Testament Figures
Isn't the New Testament actually pretty old as well?
Avoid the 'I' Bible Books
There is no "I" in Bible. No wait, that's team.
Churches of Revelation Characteristics
Match the 7 Churches of Asia with their character description in Revelation.
Bible Sorting Gallery
Pick the answers that fit into each category.
Find the Seder Plate
Can you find the items on the seder plate?
After Easter on Stained-glass Windows
Name the missing word in the description of these events depicted on stained-glass windows (events are in chronological order).
Bible Books: New or Old Testament?
Can you determine whether each Bible book is from the (O)ld Testament or (N)ew Testament?
Seven Letter Religion A-Z
Name the seven-letter religious words.
Easter on Stained-Glass Windows
Name the missing word in the description of these Easter-related events depicted on stained-glass windows (events are in chronological order).
Lego Bible Books
Name the Lego bible books based on a picture given that is from that book.
Six Letter Religion A-Z
Name the six-letter religious words.
5 in 6 in 5: Religion
Pick the five answers from each of the six categories in five minutes.
Apostles: Life and Death
Pick the events from the Apostles life and death.
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