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Olympics Tennis Champions
Pick the countries that won gold medal at the Olympics in Tennis*.
Sports Balls
Now here's a whole new ball game.
Quick Pick: Sports by Famous Athletes
Pick the sport that each famous athlete plays or played.
Which Sport?
Here's a hint: it's not curling.
Ten Tennis Players - United Kingdom
Name the tennis players past and present who have represented The United Kingdom.
Athletes by Biography Title
We're not talking about playbooks here.
A British family quiz - Sport 2
Can you answer these sport questions correctly? See how to play.
Missing Word: Tennis Players
Complete the names of these Grand Slam-winning tennis players.
2019 Women's Grand Slam Finalists (Picture Click)
Pick the tennis players when given their 2019 Grand Slam final results.
Last Five: Tennis Grand Slam Winners
We assume that the winners of these events call their victory parties "Slamborees".
Field, Court, or Neither?
We really should just adopt a "universal sportsball area" term.
Sport by Necklace
We don't mean Olympic medals.
20+ Grand Slam Singles Titles
They probably also slammed their titles into something. Like their names.
Vowel-less Backwards Tennis Players II
Name these WTA tennis players that have had their vowels removed and their consonants reversed.
Tennis Balls Travels 50,000 Miles
Name the countries modern tennis balls require materials and production from whilst being made before they reach their final destination.
Sports Mini-Minefields
Name the five correct answers in each set, without naming any of the wrong answers.
► Athletes Hall of Fame: 'M'
Can you find the athletes pictured below whose last names begin with 'M'?
Over/Under/Actual: Sports
Can you determine whether the given number for each statistic is Over, Under, or exactly the correct number?
Sporcle Quiz 10-1 Sports Sorting Gallery
Pick the Sporcle Sports quizzes that belong to each Sporcle Sports subcategory? Please read game note. .
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Sports
Here's a marathon anyone can finish.
Game, Set, and Death
Can you choose the correct answers to these questions about the beautiful but deadly game of tennis?
Great Tennis Rivalries
Name the player who won the most matches in the following tennis head to heads.
US Open Winners: Missing Vowels
Can you type full names of these US Open singles champions, when only their consonants are given? (See notes)
Tennis : Hall of very good
Name the male players who achieved a career high ranking of N°5 or higher but never became n°1.
Pick 3 Grand Slam Winners
Who will win the Wimbledon Men's Final today?
Most Matches Won (Wimbledon)
We still stand by the statement that pictures of tennis players about to hit the ball are the best.
Get the Picture: Wimbledon 2019 Women's Finalists
How well do you know todays Wimbledon Women's Finalists?
Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and...?
Enjoy the Semi Finals today!!!
Which Tennis Player?
Anyone who knows tennis should have an advantage.
Women at Wimbledon
It's Women's Semi-Finals day at Wimbledon. Who will progress to Saturdays Final?
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