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Tennis Players
We often wonder if tennis players ever get tired of wearing tennis shoes.
Beaten Nadal Twice
Name the players who have beaten Rafael Nadal at least twice.
Beaten Federer Twice
Name the players who have beaten Roger Federer at least twice.
Beat the Big Four in Grand Slams
Name the players who beat the Big Four at Grand Slam tournaments.
Wimbledon Women's Semifinals (Since 1980)
Name the Wimbledon Women's Semifinalists (Since 1980).
(Tennis) Beat Andy Murray at Grand Slam
Name the players to have eliminated Andy Murray from a Grand Slam tournament in his career.
Tennis: Top 21st Century Players (Men)
Name the Top 21st Century Men's Tennis Players by Weighted Performance .
French Open Women's Semifinals (Since 1980)
Name the French Open Women's Semifinalists (Since 1980).
Every Top Ten ATP Player Since 2000
Name the players who have been in the ATP top ten since 2000.
Australian Open Women's Semifinals (Since 1980)
Name the Australian Open Women's Semifinalists (Since 1980).
Australian Open Women's Seeds (Since 2000)
Name the top 10 women's seeds at the Australian Open since 2000.
Australian Open Men's Semifinals (Since 1980)
Name the Australian Open Men's Semifinalists (Since 1980).
Tennis Record Holders
Name the Tennis Record Holders.
Olympic Medalists in Tennis
Name the Olympic medalists in tennis.
Clickable French Open Winners
Pick the Men's French Open Winners.
Initially Yours: Sport
Sports leagues are no stranger to initials.
Tennis players ranked no1 for over a year (clickable)
Pick the tennis players that have spent a total of at least 52 weeks tanked number 1 in the world.
Mixed Word: Clickable Sports
Pick the clickable sports, games and sporting activities that have been scrambled.
Word Ladder: Tennis Anyone?
Name the words to this 4 letter tennis ladder.
Tennis One-Hit Wonders
Name the tennis players who have won exactly one Grand Slam singles title in the Open era.
Countries with Tennis Grand Slam Winners
Name the countries* that have been represented by a tennis Grand Slam winner since the Open Era began in 1968.
Word Ladder: Olympic Sport
Name the words in this Olympic sport-themed word ladder.
Best ATP Finals Records
Name the ATP tennis players with the best career finals records.
Best Career 5-set Records
Name the men's tennis players with the best all-time career 5-set records.
Other than Federer and Nadal
Name the players (other than Federer and Nadal) that won a Grand Slam in between Roger's first and final Wimbledon triumphs? (2003 Wimbledon to 2017 Wimbledon).
ATP Tennis End of Year top 10 Rankings
Name the ATP End of Year top 10 Rankings.
Only Winners in International Sports
Name the only countries to ever win these international championships.
Top 10 Men's Tennis Players 2000-2009
Name the male tennis players who achieved a top 10 ranking between 2000 and 2009.
Mens 4th Round Wimbledon 2001-2018
Name the Mens 4th Round Wimbledon 2001-2018.
US Open Runner-Up (Men)
One thing we miss about tennis in the '80s is the short shorts. Come on guys, don't be shy.
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