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You Make The Rules: Tennis
Fill in the blank words from the ITF's 'Rules of Tennis' by picking the correct word that finishes the rule.
Sports Bunker
Can you get to Sector 15 of this sports bunker?
Sports 7-to-1
OK be honest, no one really understands cricket, right? No? Just us?
Sport by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents each sports discipline.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Sports Minefield Blitz
It's a good thing that none of these sports feature actual minefields.
Sports Speed-Picking
On your mark, get set, pick!
Tennis' Top 20 of All Time
Name the 20 greatest tennis players of all-time according to ESPN (2016).
Sports by Equipment Picture Click
But really, you COULD use baseball equipment to play hockey if you tried hard enough.
100 Greatest Tennis Players
These great tennis players never found much 'love'.
Roger Federer Grand Slam Championship Opponents
Can you name Roger Federer's Grand Slam Final Opponents He Beat To Win The Championship?
#1 Ranked Tennis Players
After 286 straight weeks at the top, there is a new men's #1 tennis player today. Take this chance to look back and name all the men's and women's #1 ranked players since 1973.
Word Ladder: Tennis Anyone?
Name the words to this 4 letter tennis ladder.
First Five: Sports
'Rock throw' and 'Run from the scary animal' aren't what we mean.
Men's Tennis Top 50 (2010)
We were gonna do a quiz on the top 50 ball boys, but we thought it might be too hard.
Famous 50: Sports
Here's where soccer fans can really shine.
Olympic Sports Equipment
It's never too early to start thinking about 2020.
Tough Choices: Sports Edition
Here at Sporcle, we all had to make the tough choice to not go pro. You know, for the sake of fair competition.
Tennis Grand Slam Winners (2000s)
Wait, did Denny's name their breakfast after tennis or baseball? Will we ever know the answer?
Triple Picture Click Sports
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
Sports by Lego
Name the Sports by their Lego version.
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
The Wide World of Simpsons Sports
There have been so many Simpsons episodes, we'd be surprised if there are any sports they HAVEN'T played.
10 to 1: Sports Hall of Fame
Nowadays, they'll make a Hall of Fame for just about anything.
Match the Player to Their Sport
Sometimes we like to go beyond the 'Big 4'.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Sports
Even if you don't know sports, you still have a 1-in-4 chance of kicking a grand slam!
Sports Groups Grab Bag
Offense wins games, defense wins championships, and sports knowledge wins you Sporcle glory!
Losing Finalists
Close, but no cigar.
Initially Yours: Sport
Sports leagues are no stranger to initials.
4 Sports Foursomes
Welcome to the wide world of Sporcle sports.
UK Sorting
A bonus UK quiz? This is sort of the opposite of Brexit.
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