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US Open Tennis Champs (A-Z)
Don't cause a racquet if you miss an answer.
Tennis Grand Slam Winners by Decade
For a term often associated with baseball, 'Grand Slam' sure pops up in lots of other sports.
10 to 1: Sports Hall of Fame
Nowadays, they'll make a Hall of Fame for just about anything.
Sporcle's Easiest Sports
If sports were easy, everyone would play them.
French Open Women's Seeds (Since 2000)
Be glad that Navratilova didn't make this list, she's the Kyrgyzstan of women's tennis.
Who Beat Rafael Nadal?
Spoiler Alert: It's not a long list.
Tennis #1 or Not
Congrats to these players, but we don't really like how 'love' means nothing to these guys.
Sporty Celebrities
Do actors stay in character when they step on the court?
Sports Categories Grab Bag
Offense wins games, defense wins championships, and sports knowledge wins you Sporcle glory!
Men's Tennis Year-End Top 4 (1973-2015)
All of these gents had smashing careers.
Tennis Players A-Z
The most important part of being a tennis player is to have your own distinctive grunt.
Tennis Players Match-Up
Try not to make a racket with your racquet.
Celebrities at Wimbledon
We always assumed Wimbledon was the equivalent to the Kentucky Derby when it came to hats. According to this quiz, that isn't the case.
French Open Men's Seeds (Since 2000)
Do the French toss a free baguette into the crowd after every point?
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