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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest
They need to make a Stan Lee movie where all the superheros make cameos.
Super Stick Figures
These comic book characters appear to be skinnier than we remember them.
Marvel Superhero Debut: 1970s or 1980s?
Can you determine whether each given Marvel superhero made her or his debut in 1970-1979 or in 1980-1989?
Marvel Picture Find: The Movies
Very nice of the Invisible Woman to make an appearance for this group photo.
Superhero Party Logic Puzzle
A bunch of superheroes and villains havin' a party? Seems pretty logical to me.
Marvel Picture Find: The Marvel Universe
If you’re looking for Waldo, forget it. There’s no room for him in the Marvel Universe.
How'd Ya Die: Marvel Cinematic Universe II
Can you identify the Phase 3 characters based on how they died?
Avengers or X-Men?
This quiz is Marvelous.
Marvel Picture Find: Avengers
There are way more Avengers than the movies lead us to believe.
Odd One Out - Entertainment
Pick the entertainment-related odd one out.
Images for Every Subcategory: Entertainment
Who knew images could be so...entertaining?
Superheroes by Browser History
This quiz brings new meaning to the term "World Wide Web."
Superman Characters Blitz
Hopefully this won't be your kryptonite.
Superman's Powers
Anyone else notice that Superman kind of looks like that Daily Planet reporter, Clark Kent?
Click the Hero Logos
Consider yourself a hero if you ace this quiz.
The Big Board: Superheroes
This is going to require a heroic effort.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Entertainment
Can you sort the 100 Entertainment items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Mismatched Marvel & DC Heroes
Now this is the Marvel/DC crossover we've been waiting for.
Superhero Receipts
We hope they have a super credit line to pay for some of this stuff.
Marvel Picture Find: Heroes
This is like 50 years of comic books all wrapped up into one.
Comic Book Anagrams
Name the right superhero, by a jumbled-up version of their name.
Award-Winning MCU Members
Yeah, saving the human race probably will earn you a little praise.
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Heroes
Our favorite is the Minuscule Hulk.
Marvel 'B' Scramble
Sadly, there isn't a Marvel member named The Bad Guy.
Marvel Picture Find: Villains
Sporclers, assemble!
MCU Lineup Blitz
Pick the line that corresponds with each character.
Silhouettes: Marvel Superheroes
What're you staring at, bub?
Superhero Actor Sorting Gallery
At the rate we're going, eventually every actor will be a superhero.
Find the Gems: Marvel Movie Picture Puzzle
Identify who has the six Infinity Gems—Sou(L), (T)ime, Spac(E), (M)ind, (R)eality, (P)ower—and who does (N)ot have a gem at all. Click 'How to Play' for details.
DC Comics Poster Covers
Film nerds and comic book nerds unite!
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