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Superheroes Unmasked!
They must get some strange suntans wearing those masks all the time.
Colorful Superheroes/Villains
It would be hard to be a colorful superhero if your comic was in black and white.
Get the Picture: Revengers
Can you choose the correct member of the Revengers from 'Thor: Ragnarok' for the hints provided?
Ups & Downs: Marvel Comics
Can you answer two sets of symmetrical, themed clues (one going up, the other going down), each beginning with the same set of letters?
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Character Map
Name the Superheroes on the Game Cover.
Click the Fantastic Four
Can you Click the Correct Marvel Character?
Maybe it would be better to call him S.H.A.Z.A.M.
X-Men Movies: Oldest to Newest
Pick the X-Men films in order of release date, WITHOUT making a single mistake.
Get the Picture: Wizards
Can you select the correct wizard, sorcerer or magic user for each clue?
MCU actors/actress by emoji
Can you name all the MCU characters in these emoji?
Marvel Songs
Match the Marvel hero to the song that best fits their personality, character and/or abilities? .
Follow That Line: Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer I
Complete these quotes from the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.
Heroes and Villains by First Names
We need more stories where the heroes and villains are on a first name basis.
MCU Heroes By Other Appearances
Name the MCU hero when given a picture of another film or television series that they starred in?*.
Name these GTA III Skins.
MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle
Complete the MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle without making a mistake.
Super Weaknesses
Match the Superheroes and their Weaknesses.
Bullseye Blitz: Superheroes!
If you want to defeat a Bullseye, Daredevil is probably the best hero to call.
Superheroes by Apron
How else are they supposed to keep their costumes clean while fighting crime?
Vowel-less Superheroes
Apparently, proper spelling isn't a power these superheroes possess.
300 Most Published X-Men Characters
Name the 300 most published X-Characters of the Marvel Universe.
Mis-Matched Marvel & DC Heroes
Now this is the Marvel/DC crossover we've been waiting for.
Superheroes by Keychain
It would be pretty embarrassing to lose the keys to the Batmobile.
More Secret Identities
The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you suck, in which case developing a secret identity might be your best bet.
100 Questions About Batman
February 19th is officially Batman's birthday. Of course, his parents never got him a card.
Superheroes by Cap
Don't they look dapper?
Paint by Trivia: Superhero Movies
Do you think Batman has ever done a Paint & Sip night?
Superhero Kid Costumes
This superhero stuff must be child’s play.
Comic Book Teddy Bears
They've already saved us from monsters under the bed, now it's time for them to save the world.
Super Hero Identities - Batman Edition
I am starting to think that if you live in Gotham City being a super hero or villain is some kind of mandate.
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