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Silhouettes: Marvel Superheroes
What're you staring at, bub?
Comic Book Teddy Bears
They've already saved us from monsters under the bed, now it's time for them to save the world.
DC Picture Find: Superheroes
Can you find the superheroes of the DC universe?
Clickable Minefield: Recurring MCU Characters
Pick the Recurring Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters that have appeared in the movies WITHOUT picking a character that has only appeared once (or not appeared at all)? (MOVIES ONLY Read How To Play) (Spoiler Alert: Includes INFINITY WAR/Antman2.
DC vs. Marvel: Who Came First?
First impressions last the longest.
Marvel Picture Find: Fantastic Four
Wouldn't it be great if they made a Fantastic Four movie?
Word Ladder: Thor Movies Plot Spoiler
Name the missing words in this 4-letter word ladder containing a plot spoiler to the Thor movies.
Cold/Winter Themed Superheroes & Supervillains
Can you correctly match the Cold/Winter Themed Superhero/Supervillain with their picture?
Heroes and Villains by First Names
Can you find the superheroes and villains when provided only with the first names of their secret identities?
MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle
Complete the MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle without making a mistake.
Super Stick Figures
These comic book characters appear to be skinnier than we remember them.
Superheroes by Browser History
This quiz brings new meaning to the term "World Wide Web."
MCU Actor Match
Match the MCU character to their correct actor.
Superheroes by Pint Glass
Superheros probably leave the drinking to their alter-egos.
'The Flash' Character Chain
Pick the characters in this 'The Flash' character chain.
Blackboard Blitz: Batman Villains
Some men just want to watch the world learn.
Superman's Powers
Anyone else notice that Superman kind of looks like that Daily Planet reporter, Clark Kent?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment II
Well this should be entertaining.
Silhouettes: DC Superheroes
Super silhouettes assemble!
Mixed Hero Logos
If you mix enough heroes together, there will be no bad guy who can best them.
Quick Pick: Marvel Superheroes by Alter Egos
Can you click the correct Marvel superhero when given his or her alter ego?
Find the Gems: Marvel Movie Picture Puzzle
Identify who has the six Infinity Gems—Sou(L), (T)ime, Spac(E), (M)ind, (R)eality, (P)ower—and who does (N)ot have a gem at all. Click 'How to Play' for details.
Profile: Iron Man
Name these facts about the 2008 film Iron Man.
Marvel 'G' Scramble
Can you unscramble the names of the characters from the Marvel universe that start with the letter 'G'?
MCU Criteria: Guardians of the Galaxy
Pick the Guardians of the Galaxy who fulfill ALL the criteria, reducing as you go, without making any mistakes.
MCU Criteria: Original Avengers
Pick the Original Avengers who fulfill ALL the criteria, reducing as you go, without making any mistakes.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Entertainment
Can you sort the 100 Entertainment items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Bullseye Blitz: Superheroes!
Can you fill in all 12 bullseyes before time runs out? Answers on interior rings will also fill in the outer rings.
16 Little Superhero Pictograms
Note: This is not a quiz about Mighty Mouse.
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