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Award Winning Mutants
Name the award winning actors who have had roles in the X-men movie franchise.
Which Joker Said It?
Can you choose which Joker actor said each quote?
Superhero Rainbow
Even better than a double rainbow.
Missing Word: Marvel/DC Movies
Name the missing word from these Marvel/DC movies.
Superhero Sorting Blitz
Can you sort (i.e. click in order) the superheroes in the repeated pattern of DC, Marvel, Neither, DC?
Superheroes by Haiku
You could say these haiku are... super.
Superheroes Unmasked!
They must get some strange suntans wearing those masks all the time.
Superhero/Villain by Actor
'Look! Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Brandon Routh'
Superheroes Missing a Letter
Hey, at least we don't ask you to guess their secret identities.
Word in a Word II
What's in a word? Other words, duh.
Superhero Shoes
Gotta be prepared, from head to toe.
MCU Logic Puzzle
Can you find the location of each superhero?
Let's Make Batman's Logo
Spoiler: It's shaped like a bat.
Super Hero Identities - Batman Edition
I am starting to think that if you live in Gotham City being a super hero or villain is some kind of mandate.
Quick Pick: Marvel or DC?
Can you pick whether the following superheroes belong in the Marvel universe or the DC universe?
MCU Characters
Pick the MCU characters.
DC Picture Find: Superheroes
Can you find the superheroes of the DC universe?
DC Picture Find: Superman
Can you find the characters of the Superman universe?
Marvel Picture Find: X-Men
Awww...One big, happy, mutant family.
Superpower Switcheroo Logic Puzzle
Poor Batman, with no powers, he's not invited to this party.
Marvel Picture Find: Spider-Man
Strong Spidey-senses encouraged, but not required, for this one.
Lego Super Hero Slideshow
Lego Batman just loooves giant speakers, and who can blame him?
Silly Supervillain Slideshow
It's tough to be a bad guy when you have a very silly gimmick.
Follow That Line: Superhero Edition
It's never easy to think of a witty retort to a dangerous person in a weird costume.
Animated Superheroes
These are some awesome people to start Saturday mornings with.
Batman Movies
The most recent Batman film made just a hair more than the first one.
Superheroes Without 'Sporcle'
...are hardly superheroes at all.
Click the Batman Villain
This is one of those quizzes where the decoy answers are more amusing than the real ones.
Marvel Zombies
This quiz really gives us the creeps.
How'd Ya Die: Marvel Cinematic Universe II
Can you identify the Phase 3 characters based on how they died?
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