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Heroes and Villains by First Names
We need more stories where the heroes and villains are on a first name basis.
Marvel Picture Find: Heroes
This is like 50 years of comic books all wrapped up into one.
Superhero Acrostic Puzzle
If you get stuck, send up a signal and Acrosticman will come give you some hints.
MCU Criteria: Guardians of the Galaxy
Pick the Guardians of the Galaxy who fulfill ALL the criteria, reducing as you go, without making any mistakes.
K-pop Vs. Marvel
We're still waiting for that BTS/Avengers crossover film.
The Ultimate Marvel Picture Find!
Can you name all the characters in this picture?
Anything but DC Characters
"No Superman" is exactly what you're looking for in this quiz.
Marvel Picture Find: Guardians of the Galaxy
If you stare at this long enough, you'll start wondering where Waldo is hiding among all these characters.
Color Crisis at Marvel
Deadpool's been known to make some off-color remarks.
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Heroes
Our favorite is the Minuscule Hulk.
Shazam! Picture Click
Can you identify the members of Billy Batson's foster family from the film Shazam!?
Picture Bunker: Entertainment Edition
Can you choose the correct picture that answers each question to get to sector 15 of this entertainment bunker?
Marvel Original Teams Members
Name the original members of these iconic marvel teams? .
Avengers: Endgame Fan Quiz
How far can you go on this Avengers: Endgame Fan Quiz?
5 in 15: Justice League Members
Can you name any one member from one of DC's Justice Leagues that fits in each of the five categories in 15 seconds? [See Game Note]
MCU Crossword
Can you fill in the MCU people, places and things in this crossword?
MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle
Complete the MCU Wakanda Logic Puzzle without making a mistake.
Bullseye Blitz: Superheroes!
If you want to defeat a Bullseye, Daredevil is probably the best hero to call.
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Avengers
Some of the Avengers are tiny on a fairly regular basis.
Marvel Picture Find: Villains
Sporclers, assemble!
Follow That Line: The Avengers
Get a bunch of superheroes in a room together and you're bound to get good quotes.
DC Comics Characters by Picture
There are over 10,000 characters in the DC comics universe, but don't worry, we're only gonna make you name 30.
'R' Entertainment Images
This quiz is going to get sooo many favorites from pirates.
Pick an Avengers Endgame Character by eyes
Pick the Avengers Endgame character by their eyes.
Guardians of the Galaxy Logic Puzzle
Can you find all of the Guardians without making a mistake?
Images for Every Subcategory: Entertainment
Who knew images could be so...entertaining?
Missing Word: Marvel Superheroes
Can you fill in the blanks to the names of these Marvel Superheroes?
Word Ladder: Danny Rand's Alter Ego
Name the four-letter words in this superhero-themed word ladder.
Marvel Picture Find: Sinister Six
The real sinister part is that there are way more than six answers.
Pick a Marvel Character Actor 2
Pick the actor who has played the given Marvel character in film.
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