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Harrison Ford Films by Image
You can't have help here. You'll have to take this quiz Solo.
Movie By Funko! (Part One)
Playing with a Funko is basically like watching the movie.
George Lucas Movies
For being such a recognizable director, he really hasn't directed all that much.
Star Wars Dads
Luke, who is your father?
Star Wars Years
Some gaps between Star Wars movies are much larger than others.
Star Wars Movie by Bad Review
Some Star Wars movies are better than others.
Badly Drawn Star Wars Characters
Still better than the CGI in Phantom Menace.
Rogue One Characters by Funko Pop! Figures
At 8 years old, Jyn Erso owned the "Star Wars equivalent" of a stormtrooper Funko Pop.
Emperor Palpatine Has Your Stuff
You want this, don't you?
Ups & Downs: Star Wars
Don't get your head stuck in Cloud City!
Star Wars Quotes in Order: Return of the Jedi
Getting these quotes out of order is like the Emperor calling you a young fool before Han says you're always thinking with your stomach.
Get the Picture: Droids of Star Wars
Can you determine whether each clue refers to R2-D2, C-3PO, or BB-8?
Star Wars by Painted Eggs
May the eggs be with you.
Star Wars Title Minefield
The only thing worse than asteroids... are minefields!
'W' Star Wars Picture Click
The w-wings haven't been invented yet.
'Star Wars: Episode II' Start to Finish
The force. Can you sense it?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Do you think this is how theaters sort out what they're playing?
Shatter the Mirror: Star Wars
Kylo Ren has made a habit of shattering mirrors.
16 Little Star Wars Pictograms
A long time ago, in a pictogram far, far away...
Get the Picture: Vader or Voldemort
Can you choose which quotes were said by the Sith Lord Darth Vader and which were said by the Dark Lord Voldemort?
10 to 1: Star Wars Characters Movie Debuts
Forget Luke, Leia, and Han. Everyone knows Star Wars is really about Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks.
Is That a Movie in Star Wars?
When are they going to make Star Wars and the Chamber of Secrets?
Star Wars Día de los Muertos Sugar Skulls
Can you correctly identify the Star Wars characters from their Día de los Muertos sugar skull artwork depictions?
Double Letter Star Wars
Good. Twice the letters, double the fun!
Star Wars Character Relationships
It's a small galaxy.
Get the Picture: Dark Lords of the Sith
Can you correctly determine which Sith Lord fits each clue?
Chewbacca Film Appearances
Rest in peace to Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca (1944-2019).
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca
Wwwah. Rrroooaaah. Ggwaaah.
First One - Last One (Movies)
But which one is the best one?
Get the Picture: Star Wars Pilots
He was the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. And for that reason, he is too good to be in this quiz.
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