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Who's That With William Shatner?
Name the celebrities pictured here with William Shatner.
Television Sixes
Blossom's best friend wasn't available for this quiz.
Male TV Characters 7-to-1
''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott
5x5 in 90: Mixed Entertainment Minefield Blitz
Five times the entertainment at a bargain of only ninety seconds!
Franchise Character Countdown
As long as box office figures hold strong, these characters will stick around.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television
Can you sort the 100 Television items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Category Cracker: Television
Name the items in each television category? See 'How to Play'!.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Kinda makes you wonder who would win in a fight: Han Solo or Captain Kirk?
Star Trek TOS: Odd Man Out
Can you choose the 'Odd Man Out' image in these questions related to Star Trek: The Original Series and its cast members?
TV Show By Funko! (Part One)
Can you identify the TV show by its Funko characters?
What's in a Star Trek Name?
To boldly read the dictionary where no man has read it before.
9 Fictional Alien characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the Outer Space.
Star Trek: Click-a-Human
You don't want to make Picard mad.
9 Fictional Russian characters (Movies)
Pick the fictional characters from Russia / U.S.S.R..
Is That Alien From Star Wars or Star Trek?
They all look like nerds in costumes to us, but hey, what do we know?
Shakespeare or Captain Picard?
We're amazed that Shakespeare never appeared in a holodeck episode.
Historical Figures: Star Trek or Bill & Ted
Does your knowledge of historical figures include the fact that Julius Caesar is a 'salad dressing dude'?
9 Fictional African characters
Pick the fictional characters from Africa.
9 Fictional Indian characters (Movies)
Pick the fictional characters from India.
Fictional Races
Instant aliens - just add pointy ears and weird hairstyles.
Get the Picture: Star Trek or Star Wars Starships
Can you correctly determine whether each starship is from the Star Trek or Star Wars franchise?
Top 300 Most Published Comics Characters
Name the Top 300 Most Published Comics Characters.
Star Wars, not Star Trek
Who would win in a fight: Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker?
Star Trek: Original Series Episodes
Space, the final frontier...for about 3 years.
Star Trek Crew
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...
A Friend Indeed! TV Friends and Partners
Can you choose the friend, partner or sidekick to the TV character listed?
9 Fictional American female characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the United States.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Characters
Can you identify the characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
Star Trek: Original Series Characters
'Captain's Log, Stardate: 1314.5. We've discovered a strange orange globe in a non-local system. Approaching with phasers set to stun.'
The Next Generation Episodes by Any 3 Letters
Name the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation by entering three-letter sequences from their titles.
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