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Big 4 Teams by Number of Letters
You have to keep things concise, otherwise you might not make any money on jersey sales.
Bullseye Blitz: NFL!
Your throws will need to be on target here.
NBA 2018-2019 10-Man Rotations (Updated 2/16)
Name the 10 man rotations for each NBA team
Big 4 Team Letter Trios
These teams might share a letter, but that doesn't mean they have to like each other.
Big 4 Teams: Alternate Definitions
What are John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald doing in a sports quiz?!
Just the Red: Sports Logos
This quiz will have you seeing red.
Sort the Teams by Location: California
You're excused if you can't remember where the California NFL teams belong. They've been moving a lot lately.
Soccer: I Love This Team! II
Name the soccer players who have had two different stints at the same team.
NFL Close-Up Logos
This must be what NFL logos look like once you've been tackled by someone on the other team.
Soccer Players Venn Diagram II
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer player?
#8 Athletes
Some of these #8s were actually #1s.
Simpsons Softball Team Image
Name the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Softball Team from the Simpsons.
Big 4 'C' Team Blitz
We can 'C' what all the excitement is about.
Get the Picture: Anaheim Teams
Can match these sporting greats with the Anaheim team they play(ed) for?
Consecutive World Cup Teams
You'll definitely need to use your head here.
Sports Teams 7-to-1
If you think the Lakers are a baseball team, you're way off-base.
State Capital + Pro Team
Hard though it is to believe, Montpelier doesn't have one of the big four sports teams.
Two-Word Sports Teams
I am working on a theory where the success of a franchise is in direct proportion to the number of words in its name.
Invisible NBA Teams
Reffing a game with invisible players looks challenging.
2019 March Madness Nicknames
The game might be even more exciting if they'd let the mascots play.
State Capitals with Big 4 Teams
These cities have it all.
The Wide World of Simpsons Sports
There have been so many Simpsons episodes, we'd be surprised if there are any sports they HAVEN'T played.
Big 4 Athletes Sorting Blitz
We have a feeling that even if you put these athletes in another sport, they'd still be good at it.
Letters Minefield: NBA Teams
We should really get some X teams in the Big 4. Who wouldn't want to cheer for a team called the 'X-Ray Fish'?
Big 4 Sports Pairs
Do you know these dynamic duos?
Tough Choices: Sports Edition
Here at Sporcle, we all had to make the tough choice to not go pro. You know, for the sake of fair competition.
Big 4 Teams Pacific Time Zone
Raise your hand if you think Tijuana really needs an NFL team.
Get the Picture: Cleveland Teams
Can match these sporting greats with the Cleveland team they played for?
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries
Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
Manchester Derby XIs
Name the players who started in a Premier League Manchester derby between the 2010-11 and 2014-15 seasons.
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