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NBA Nickname Picture Click
Nicknames aren't given, they're earned.
Different Team, Same Name
You'd think teams would want to be more unique.
30 in 60: NBA Teams
Better hurry or the Shot Clock will go off on you.
#4 Athletes (Images)
Name the athletes pictured sporting #4.
Big 4 US Sports Teams
We're a tad embarrassed to admit that before Sporcle, our primary way of learning geography was from following different sports teams.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Sports
Can you sort the sports terms into their categories (sports, NFL teams, golf terms, male athletes, female athletes) before time runs out?
Blackboard Blitz: NBA Teams
Blitzes. They're not just for football anymore.
Never Relocated (NHL)
Don't worry, this quiz isn't going anywhere.
Blackboard Blitz: NFL Teams
Fix the blackboard by erasing (clicking) all the wrong answers to leave only NFL teams.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz III
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
MLB States & Provinces
Root, root, root for the home state (or province)!
#2 Athletes
It's rare in sports that it pays off to be number two.
More Than 4 Big 4 Teams
These states just don't know how to share. They must not have had siblings growing up.
'Big 4' Non-City Geographic Names
These teams aren't in just one city, they're all around you.
Big 4 Athletes Sorting Blitz
We have a feeling that even if you put these athletes in another sport, they'd still be good at it.
NBA Teams by Mascot
How's your vaulting off a trampoline into a monster slam dunk game?
#3 Athletes
We'd hardly call some of these athletes third best, no matter what number they wore.
32 in 60: NFL Teams
The way things are going, in another few years every answer on this quiz is going to be Los Angeles.
Sports Speed-Picking
On your mark, get set, pick!
Through the Kaleidoscope: NBA Logos
Just don't try and shoot free throws while using a kaleidoscope.
Find Five: Sports Teams
With all the high fives athletes give each other, we're surprised that their hands aren't permanently bruised.
NBA States & Provinces
We hope that one day Nova Scotia will get their own NBA team.
Unwanted Premier League Records
Name the holders of these unwanted Premier League records.
NFL Teams by Historical Logo
My oh my, how the logos have changed.
NFL Teams Venn Diagram
We've never seen any football plays drawn up like this before.
Sort the 'P' Teams
'P' teams are practically perfect.
All-Time UEFA Champions League Teams
This quiz is definitely not too US-Centric.
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
We hope you get a kick out of this quiz.
Big 4 US Sports Cities
There are 12 metropolitan areas in the U.S. that have all 4 major (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) sports teams. Can you fill in the map?
NHL States & Provinces
We think Hawaii needs an NHL team.
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