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Obscure Knowledge - MLB Teams
Even if you've read 'Jude the Obscure', it probably won't help you too much here.
Soccer Traitors
Name the soccer players who played for both rival teams.
States with Most Pro Sports Teams
Hint: Don't click Alaska.
Big 4 US Sports Teams
We're a tad embarrassed to admit that before Sporcle, our primary way of learning geography was from following different sports teams.
Blackboard Blitz: NHL Teams
Why is it hockey games always break out at boxing matches?
Closest NHL Teams to Mexico
Hint: don't guess any Canadian teams.
NBA 2018-2019 10-Man Rotations (Updated 10/18)
Name the 10 man rotations for each NBA team
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
We hope you get a kick out of this quiz.
NBA: Western or Eastern Conference?
Some of these so-called western teams are pretty far east.
All-Time UEFA Champions League Teams
This quiz is definitely not too US-Centric.
Big 4 21st Century MVP Sorting Blitz
Can you quickly pick the MVPs from the Big 4 Sports Teams in this order: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL?
MLB: Where'd It Happen?
Unfortunately, the location of 'The Shot Heard 'Round the World' is not 'everywhere.'
NBA States & Provinces
We hope that one day Nova Scotia will get their own NBA team.
Big 4 Teams Venn Diagram II
The ball is in your court now.
UEFA But Not Europe
Name the UEFA member nations that are either not recognized by Sporcle or not in Europe.
More Than 4 Big 4 Teams
These states just don't know how to share. They must not have had siblings growing up.
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries
Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
Pixel Art - NFL Team IV
It's like Tecmo Bowl without Bo Jackson.
NFL Teams by Historical Logo
My oh my, how the logos have changed.
Big 4 Team Blitz
Three right minutes can be game-changing.
Top 10 Small Forwards (ESPN)
Name the Top 10 NBA Small Forwards of all time, according to ESPN.
Big 4 US Sports Cities
There are 12 metropolitan areas in the U.S. that have all 4 major (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) sports teams. Can you fill in the map?
Most PL shots on target per season
Name the top 10 Premier League players for shots on target since 2007.
Soccer Traitors II
Name the soccer players scoring against their former teams? .
Premier Premier League Teams
These teams are the best of the best.
Soccer: I Love This Team! II
Name the soccer players who have had two different stints at the same team.
Mixed Soccer Logos
These logos may make you loco.
Quick Pick: British Soccer Managers Abroad
Can you quickly pick the British soccer managers who managed abroad given at most two different non-British teams they have managed?
Soccer Players Venn Diagram II
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer player?
British Soccer Players Abroad
Name the British soccer players pictured playing for a non-British team.
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