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Spanish Speakers by First Names
Lo siento. No hablamos mucho español.
World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
Initially Yours: Language
By playing this quiz and signing your name on the dotted line, you'll be handing over power of attorney to Sporcle. Just so you're aware.
Spanish Soccer Players
The players are Spanish, but the quiz is still in English.
Top 20 Cities of Spain on a Map
Spain used to control a global empire. Today, not so much.
All Teams in La Liga History
La Liga has been around since 1929, and a whole lot of teams have been a part of it since then.
Languages in Google Doodle
Pick the languages that appeared in the google doodle of Women's Day 2019.
5 to 1: Spanish
Match the spanish words to each category.
Spanish, Italian, Both or Neither
Can you determine whether these words are Spanish, Italian, both or neither?
Criteria Languages
You might need to look into hiring a translator.
Common Spanish Verbs
You can learn all the Spanish you'll ever need from the movie Encino Man.
Spain 10-to-1 Shooting Gallery
Pick the Spain-related things in these sorting gallery.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Language
Yes, using Google translate on this quiz counts as cheating.
Spanish La Liga Winners
Are you ready for some fúbol?
Cuisine Sorting Blitz
Warning: This quiz may make you hungrier than you've ever been.
Foreign-Born Population: Spain
They must have come for the paella.
Countries of the Spanish Empire
Despite what you may have heard, Atlantis is not a correct answer.
Go Fish: Languages!
Can you click either the given language or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the language?
Restated Spanish Words II
Name the English words that can be anagrammed from the given five-letter Spanish words.
Real Madrid 2019/2020 where did they play?
Name the teams the Real Madrid 2019/2020 squad played for.
Subcategory Sort: Chinese, French, or Spanish
We're feeling pretty multilingual today.
Weakest Link: World Languages
Can you eliminate one World language as the weakest link for each round and reveal the winner? (See 'How to Play'!)
Language Toss-Up
We're just shocked that no country has made pig latin their officialway anguagelay.
Find the Countries of Europe in Spanish
¿Dónde están los países de Europa?
Spanish: Numbers
If you study hard enough, soon you'll be able to read that mysterious second half of your appliance manuals.
Spanish: Body Parts Match
A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes.
One Letter Words in Foreign Languages II
Pick the correct word which completes these sentences in various languages.
Which Language?
We're still waiting for a country to adopt Klingon as its official language.
Find the Picasso Paintings
A little bit of clickable Cubism.
15 Misnamed Flag Colors
It's just identifying colors. Easy, right?
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