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Male TV Characters 7-to-1
''You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretzky' -Michael Scott
South Park Character Click
Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!
South Park Characters
If you think you know your South Park, you should try to name these 42 characters, mm'kay?
Mismatched Cartoon Characters
There are some cartoon crossovers we never want to see.
South Park Celebrities
All celebrity voices are impersonated...poorly.
Animated TV Character Sort
If these characters all got in a room together, we're not sure everyone would leave alive.
Which Show? Cartoon Guys
A whole lot of dysfunction here.
10 to 1: South Park Characters
Can you tell the friendly faces from the humble folks?
TV Character Criteria
Match the characters to each criteria.
South Park Abroad
Filming a foreign scene is much more reasonable in the world of animated TV.
TV Character Name Match
The easiest characters to match are the alliterative ones.
SOUTH PARK Trivia 100 Questions (Hard)
Name the SOUTH PARK 100 Trivia Questions? (hard) .
First Name Basis: Television
Just how well do you know your favorite TV characters?
Who's missing? (Television)
Can you name which character is missing from these well known television lineups?
South Park Catchphrases
Match the South Park Character to their Catchphrase.
South Parkified Doctor Who Characters
Name the Doctor Who characters given their South Park style representations.
Multiple Choice South Park Trivia
Can you choose the correct answer for every question, one per season, about the TV show South Park?
Categorize This!: Television
Pick the US television show on which each character appeared.
5-Star TV Episodes
Pick the 5 highest rated (IMDb) episodes for each show.
Timmy or Hodor?
Can you name who said the quote? (T)immy from South Park or (H)odor from A Song of Ice and Fire
Animated TV Dads (Picture Click)
Pick the animated TV dads that belong to each show.
5 by 5 Cartoon Characters III
Some characters are great through the TV, but if we ever met them in real life... We'd run the other way.
Quick Pick: South Park Kids II
Pick the correct first name for these kids from South Park.
Word Ladder: South Park's 'Mumbler'
Name the 5-letter words in this word ladder about an unfortunate South Park character.
Quick Pick: South Park Wrestlers
Pick the correct wrestling name(s) for every prompted South Park kid.
South Parkified Game of Thrones Characters
When Westros meets South Park only crazy things can happen.
South Park Songs By Lyrics
Pick the South Park song that matches the lyrics.
Word Ladder: South Park Creators
Name the four-letter words in this South Park creators-themed word ladder.
Which South Park Kid Did This?
Name the name which of the four main South Park characters did this.
Initially Yours: Television
These names are so recognizable, you only need a few letters to figure them out.
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