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Scrambled South America Blitz
Can you find the South American countries on a map when given scrambled versions of their names?
Flag-mented South America!
Can you select the flag fragments that belong to only South American countries, while avoiding those from other continents?
Atlantic Slave Trade: Know Your History
Can you select the correct answer for each topic related to the history of Atlantic slave trade?
Birds of South America (Slideshow)
Can you fill in the missing words below each slide relating to birds found in South America?
Pick the Anagram: Continents
Pick the word jumbles that are actual anagrams of continents.
Major Watersheds of South America
Pick the major watersheds of South America.
Missing Roman Numerals - North & South America
Can you match each North or South American country with its missing Roman numeral letters?
South American Capital Cities... By National Flags
Name the South American capital cities when given national flags as hints.
Southern Hemisphere Border Blitz
Yeah, we definitely just cut the Earth in half. Don't question it.
Official names of American countries: words
Which words appear in the official names of the American countries?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Geography II
No, you can't just sort everything into the category "Earth."
Country by Fighting Style
Can you find each country based on the fighting style that originated there?
Geographic Person
Name the countries that form this rather strange person.
Geographical Jumbles II
Also known as what happens when all the tectonic plates shuffle around. Less of a catchy ring to it, though.
Proposed Flags
Do you know the Countries where these examples were proposed Flags?
Disappearing South America
Name the countries of South America as the map gradually becomes harder to see.
Topography Sixes
Name the geographic things that fulfill these topographical groups of six.
Most Populous Bordering Country
For each country, can you select the country that borders it with the highest population?
Clueless Letter Lines: South American Countries
All answers are South American countries. Linked letters are the same.
Which Country: South American Landmarks
Well, the title might have helped narrow things down a bit.
5 to 1: Pacific Ocean
Just remember that we haven't explored like 90% of our oceans.
Click the Country: 'E' Cities
This quiz features 50 'E' cities, but 0 'E' countries.
Emoji Flags of South America Minefield
Pick the emoji flags of South America without choosing a flag which is not South American in the limited amount of time.
Spinning Earth III
Just keep hitting the globe, make it spin even faster.
Blurred Flags of South America
Name the South American country when shown its blurred flag.
Populous South America Armageddon!
*Actual armageddon not included.
Rush to the Finish: South America
Make sure you don't rush too hard, or else you'll end up like that rabbit who raced against a turtle.
Quick Pick: Americas by Direction
Pick the closest North or South American country described directionally relative to another country.
South America by Native Phonetics
Name the countries of South America from their native/local names (endonyms) transcribed in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
Click the 'A' Bordering Countries
Why didn't we call this "Click 'A' Bordering Countries"? Probably because of grammar.
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