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Largest One Word Brazilian Cities
Name the largest one word Brazilian cities.
World Capitals: North, South, East and West
Name the most Northern, Southern, Eastern and Westernmost* World Capital for each Continent.
South American Capitals (Redux)
You can't make any mistakes if you want to capitalize on this.
Most Expensive South American Cities
Name the most expensive South American cities (not in Venezuela).
Pieces of Maps (South America II)
It's tough to find your way around if you only bring pieces of the map with you.
Mirrored Country Names
Name the countries whose names have been flipped backwards and upside down? .
Country by Unique Animal
When given the name of a country, can you find the picture of the animal* that is found in the wild only in that country?
Countries in a Ring
Name the countries shown in the ring.
Central and South America Minesweeper
Don't guess, use logic - because your guess is as good as a mine.
Country outlines: Compared to USA I.
Name these countries, when shown their size compared to the USA.
Word Ladder: Patagonian Paradise
Name the 3-letter words in this geography themed word ladder.
Flag Belts II
Name the countries whose flag is represented on these belts.
World Capitals with Shared Words
Here we see the world's powers coming together to show sharing is caring.
Clickable Countries by Unique Fact: South America
Using unique facts about each country, can you identify all the countries of South America?
Click the Andes Countries
None of them are owned by a guy named Andy, so they're not Andy's.
Weakest Link: Americas
If the chain is as strong as its weakest link, what does a country-chain look like?
South America by airports
Can you find the South American countries when given an airport in that country?
Most Populous 'N' Cities by Continent
Name the most populous city beginning with N for every continent.
Get the Picture: Flags III
Can you choose the correct flag to answer the question?
Etymologies of South American Countries
Where Little Venice is pretty big.
New Citizens: South Americans (2016)
Name the 10 most popular countries for each South American immigrant group to become citizens of in 2016.
Hidden Neighbors of Colombia
Can you find the bordering countries of Colombia?
Vowel-less Backwards South America
Your globe won't save you here.
One Guess: Patagonia
In one guess, can you estimate how many millions of people live on this map? (See 'How To Play').
Freshwater Fishes of South America
Pick the South American freshwater fishes.
Americas Letter Pair Blackout
Can you black out the grid by naming a country in North or South America containing each pair of letters?
Anything But South American Capitals
Can you pick anything EXCEPT the South America capitals?
Country by Role in World War II (Part 3)
Pick the countries by their role in World War II.
East of New York (clickable)
Can you pick cities located east of New York City (73°56′W)?
Capital Answers - Americas
Can you answer the questions where the answers are also capital cities in the Americas?
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