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One-Minute Crossword XIX
One minute is all you need.
Hide South America's Flags by Capital, Minefield
When given a South American capital, can you find its corresponding country's flag and 'hide' it, without making a mistake?
6 to 1: South America
For this quiz, all roads lead to Rio.
Mostly Blue Flags
Name the countries that have predominately blue flags.
Click the Caribbean Sea Countries
If you're mentally planning your next vacation, you should know where your options are.
Countries in the Americas
Name the countries of North and South America.
Increasing Borders Challenge
You may feel claustrophobic by the end of this quiz.
Odd One Out: Countries of South America
This Amazon is way cooler than the one Jeff Bezos started.
Hidden Countries of South America
South America, your countries can't hide forever!
Click the Country: 'B' Cities
To 'B' a city or not to 'B' a city, that is the question.
Sporcle's Forgotten Countries
There are 197 countries, some of them are bound to be forgotten every once in a while.
Brazil's Borders
No hot wax required.
Cities Sorting Gallery X
Pick the cities, towns and villages located in each of these countries.
Quick Pick: Shakhtar Brazil
Can you quickly pick the Brazilian players who left the Ukrainian side, Shakhtar Donetsk to join the associated clubs?
Flags Bordering Flags
If Sporcle was a country, we'd definitely want to border Kyrgyzstan.
Hide South America's Flags, Minefield
Can you find all national flags of South America and 'hide' them, without making a mistake?
Around the Perimeter of Brazil
But that's like a Brazilian miles!
Letters Minefield: Countries of the Americas
35 countries to account for with 15 letters. Seems easy enough.
Sporcle's Easiest Capitals (Per Continent)
It's so easy a non-Sporcler could do it.
Click the Country: 'C' Cities
We'd be happy if all of these cities bordered a sea. Alas, we can't have everything.
Americas by First 3 Letters
We know you're going to type in 'KYR' for old times sake.
South American Mix-Up
Name the South American countries by their scrambled capital.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Fix the South America Map
After you fix this map, go ahead and move on to Rio, the Olympics are gonna need it.
Landmark by Uncommon Photo
Can you recognize these landmarks from a different angle?
The Brazil Quiz
No, this quiz is not about the song (or the Terry Gilliam movie).
Americas' Populous Cities
Ever since these new worlds were 'discovered', it seems everyone wants to live here now.
Player A-Z: Brazil National Team
Can you name a player who has 10 or more caps for the Brazilian national team for every letter of the alphabet?
Click the Country: 'L' Cities
Turns out that show on Showtime - 'The L Word’ - had nothing to do with geography.
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