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'I Will Survive' Lyrics
We dare you not to sing along with this quiz.
80% Song Titles II
Is this like when the title is too long to display completely on your iPod screen?
Pick 3 Late 20th Century Songs
Can you pick three songs by each of these singers from the late 20th Century?
'Your Song' Lyrics
Who wouldn't want a song all to their own?
'00s Music Videos II
We're getting a trivia party started.
'Cat's in the Cradle' Lyrics
You're going to need some tissues when you get to the end of this quiz.
Word Ladder: Eye of the Tiger
Name the four letter words in this word ladder themed around the lyrics of the popular theme song of Rocky III.
Finish the Famous Disney Song Lyric III
You have to finish the songs, but who keeps starting them?
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
First One, Last One: Music
Shockingly, we won't ask you which cut is the deepest.
Best Songs (2000s)
Why just take a quiz when you can also help choose the best songs of the decade?!
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VI
When you wish upon a can use that wish to figure out what this song is.
80% Song Titles
Just 80% of a song? Sounds a lot like downloading music in the dial-up internet days.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (2010s)
Hey, one hit is still better than zero, right?
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics V
We're still just trying to figure out why Donald Duck doesn't have to wear pants.
Figure Out the Lyrics II
I guess you could say this quiz has questionable taste in music.
Figure Out the Lyrics
The first step in getting this song in your head, is to figure out what it is.
Guess Kpop Songs By The Emojis
can you guess kpop songs name with just emojis in 10 second?
Quick Pick: 1960s Top 10 'N' Artists
Pick the N Artists that had top 10 US hits with these songs in the 1960s
Kpop Song Titles: Missing Letter
It becomes a bigger problem when a song uses the same letter multiple times.
BTS Songs by Any Word
Name the BTS songs by any word in the title.
Figure Out the Lyrics III
We really think you will like this song, if only you can figure out what it is.
10 to 1: 2019 Songs
Match these songs released in 2019 to their respective artists.
Word Cloud Click: Rock Bands
Can you click the correct song title word cloud for each Rock and Roll Hall of Famer?*
Finish the Famous Disney Song Lyric
Here's a whole list of songs you'll now have stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Top 100 Songs of 2010-2014
These songs didn't come out THAT long ago, you shouldn't have any issue remembering them.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics IV
Songs are always a little more catchy in the Magic Kingdom.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics II
This song will be probably be in your head the rest of the day...if you can figure out what it is.
Things Meat Loaf Won't Do for Love
This is the quiz for those who think Sporcle can no longer teach them anything new.
Disney/Pixar Song Match
You will be singing these in your head the rest of the day...sorry about that.
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