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Broadway Musicals (A-Z)
It has been said that 'Most convicted felons are just people who were not taken to museums or Broadway musicals as children.'
Classic Rock in Other Words
Somehow these songs are not quite as catchy when reworded.
First Hit Song
We really wanted to have 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' but it only reached #1 in Australia.
Missing Word: Disney Songs II
Name the missing words from these Disney songs.
Metallica Songs
I thought I would do better on this quiz considering I had downloaded all of these songs off of Napster just a few years ago.
Same Title, Different Song
It's nice to see musicians strive for originality.
Missing Word: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Name the missing word in these Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.
Top 100 Bands (1988)
The digital cell phone was invented in 1988 as well, but no one ever talks about that, do they?
AVPM Song Lyrics
Name the lyrics to a song from A Very Potter Musical.
Mamma Mia! Figure Out the Lyrics
Name the Mamma Mia! Figure Out the Lyrics.
Non-Hits of the '70s!
Some songs just need a little time to grow on you.
Top 100 Bands (1983)
We've heard that 1983 was THE year for music. If you don't believe us, play this quiz.
Songs That Aren't Really About Ducks
Apparently, ducks make everything better.
Word Ladder: Beatles Hits
Someone might need to 'Help!' you up the ladder this time.
Missing Word: Broadway Musicals
Name the last word in the Broadway Musical song title (A-Z) .
Missing Word: Schoolhouse Rock
Name the Schoolhouse Rock songs.
Victorious Song
Name the lyrics to the Victorious Song (With no hint whatsoever).
Mamma Mia Songs By Opening Lyric
Name the Mama Mia Songs By Opening Lyric .
Glee Songs (Season 2)
Just a primer to get yourself ready for season 3.
NEXT 5 Words
"I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world" - so true, so very true.
Color Bands
It's just like the colors of the rainbow, but with a lot more sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.
Beatles Clip Challenge
All You Need Is Love...and Sporcle.
Previous 5 Words
This quiz is perfect for those that think they know music forwards and backwards.
Locations in Kokomo
We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow, that's where we wanna go, way down to Sporcle.
Slipknot by lyrics
Name the Slipknot song (first album) by the lyrics.
1970s Lyric Match II
Considering this is a '70s music quiz, there are surprisingly few disco songs here.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Beatles 7)
You gotta love the Beatles, even if you aren't always sure what they are saying.
'The Christmas Song' Lyrics
There are two kinds of recording artists in the world....those who have covered this venerable Christmas classic, and those without a recording contract.
Ciara Songs
Name the Ciara Songs.
Rihanna Songs
We have to wonder when Rihanna and Shy Ronnie are going to team up for that full-length album.
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