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30 in 60: Music Artists
Hurry! Music waits for no one!
'80s Song Title Match Up
When doves just want to have fun.
'The Star-Spangled Banner' Clickable Lyrics
Who even uses the word 'spangled'?
'00s Song Title Match Up
Spinning up classic tunes from the 2000s.
'How I Met Your Mother' Theme Song
This quiz is Legen...Wait For It... DARY!
'90s Song Title Match Up
It was the last decade of the 20th century, and some feelings could only be expressed through song.
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
'Bad' Song Titles
Sometimes the 'bad' songs can be really good.
'90s Song Title Match Up II
Our perfect match still wears ripped denim and previously-owned flannel.
6-Letter #1 Songs
Judge these songs by their size, do you?
Finish the Christmas Song
For what it is worth, the Finish the Festivus Song quiz was just too darn hard.
'90s Song Title Endings
The dream of the '90s is alive on Sporcle.
Finish the Famous Song Lyric
Turns out Jeremiah wasn't a Wasteland...who knew?
'60s Girl Groups
These girl groups were just so classy. The closest thing we have today is The Spice Girls.
You Better Lose Yourself
We recently heard that Eminem is a master at Donkey Kong. We really want to believe that's true.
10 to 1: Classic Rock Songs X
Chronicling the songs released back when Eddie Vedder still had long hair.
'70s Song Title Endings
Back when all these styles got played on the same channel.
'Edelweiss' Lyrics
As a rule, I try to watch The Sound of Music twice a year, just so I can remember the words to these songs when I serenade random people in elevators.
Quick Pick: 'Too' Song Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles.
Movie Soundtracks Quiz
Name the Movie based on the famous song.
'80s Song Title Endings
Who knew the '80s would give us so many internet memes?
Manger, Bethlehem, Child or King
Can you choose the word that completes each Christmas hymn title?
'80s Music Fill in the Blank
Welcome back to the '80s.
Music Videos of the Last 25 Years
Name the songs that these music videos are for, one for the last 25 years.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (2010s)
For each song, a letter has been substituted to ruin the title. Can you click the correct letter which has been replaced?
Instrumental Songs
Incidentally, "The Happy Organ" is not what you think it is...
30 in 60: Music Artists II
We are pretty darn sure that Marvin Gaye recorded Oops!... I Did It Again.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics II
This song will be probably be in your head the rest of the day...if you can figure out what it is.
VH1's 100 Songs ('90s)
Through no control of our own, 'MMMBop' is a clue on this quiz.
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