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Word Ladder: '70s Song II
Name the four-letter words to this word ladder.
Artist by First #1 Hit
Pro Tip: 'You Give Love a Bad Name' wasn't by Beyoncé but oh how we wish it had been.
'90s Song Title Match-Up
It was the last decade of the 20th century, and some feelings could only be expressed through song.
Missing Word: Top 10 Artists: A (60's-80's)
Name the word beginning with 'A' missing from the names of these artists that had top 10 US hits.
Happy, Sad, Lonely or Crazy Songs
Try not to hold all these emotions at once. It'll be confusing.
'80s Song Title Match-Up
When doves just want to have fun.
Artist by First #1 Hit III
We're sure these are the songs that artists are sick of playing live.
'70s Song Title Match-Up
It might be fun to create your own titles, but to get the best score, don't make any ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.
'60s Song Title Match-Up
Are you lonesome, brand new bag?
'00s Song Title Match Up
Spinning up classic tunes from the 2000s.
'90s Song Title Match Up II
Our perfect match still wears ripped denim and previously-owned flannel.
Artist by First #1 Hit II
You know what they say, your first Billboard #1 hit is the hardest.
Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran?
How do you even tell them apart?
Which Song Made It To The Top?
Can you pick which song made it #1 on Billboard's Top 100 for each artist?
'80s Song Title Match-Up II
"Don't Worry Start the Fire" is our new favorite song match-up.
The Beatles Songs by 5 Words
Name the songs from The Beatles when given 5 keywords in its lyrics.
'00s Song Title Match Up II
"Gotta get that boom, boom, match."
2010s Song Title Match Up II
Good luck getting these songs out of your head.
2010s Song Title Match Up
Cue the "back in my day, music was better" comments.
Artist by First #1 Hit IV
You never forget your first chart topper.
'70s Song Title Match-Up II
From the era when music came on vinyl.
4 Second Music Challenge
So good you may have to play it a 'second' time.
First Hit Song
We really wanted to have 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' but it only reached #1 in Australia.
50 Hits to Click: 2002
Time to dust off that old MP3 player.
Male Singer Blitz II
This quiz might be the only place where you can confuse Bruno Mars with Bob Dylan.
Word Ladder: '60s Song
Name the four-letter answers to this word ladder.
'60s Song Title Match-Up II
Peace, love, and lots of great music.
'50s Song Title Match-Up
There's still only one king of Rock 'n Roll.
Word Ladder: Shawn Mendes
Name the 4-letter words to this word ladder featuring songs by Shawn Mendes.
First Word Pop Songs
It's important to make a good first impression.
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