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Name a #1 song by... (BLITZ) Part 2
Ballroom Blitz was #1 in Canada, that is Sweet!
Artist/Song Match (1990s)
Sporcle, baby, one more time...
Quick Pick: Bon Jovi Songs
Woah, quizzin' on a prayer...
Spanish In U.S. Hit Songs
Puedes estar correcto.
Tracks on the Back: 80's Pop Albums
Both albums and writing in script, it's definitely retro
Billboard Hot 100 of 2016
2016 was just a few weeks ago, you should have no problem remembering these songs.
Song Title Overlaps III
At Sporcle, we like to make your dreams of becoming a DJ come true.
Quick Pick: 'Wanna' Song Titles
It may not be a word, but when has that stopped musicians?
Missing Word: 1970s Music Acts (A-Z)
These bands were missing these words, but now I have found them
Before 'Love' Song Titles
First comes love, then comes the marriage...but, wait, what comes before love?
David Bowie Tunes by Decade
I hope your score for this quiz isn't Low.
Band By Alternative Song Title
This quiz gives a new meaning to Alternative Music.
The Big Board: Music
This quiz features two of our favorite things: guitar face and awkward teenage pictures.
Figure Out The Lyrics: 70's Hit (Given Some Lyrics)
Chosen for the 60th Anniversary of the death of Humphrey Bogart.
Quick Pick: The Police Song Title Endings
Don't get arrested and you'll be fine.
2 top 5 songs in one year
You would think this would be easy!
50 Song Music Clip Quiz 51
51 is definitely my favourite of the 17 times table.
#1 Singles Of 2016
Does anyone still remember 2016?
Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan?
Can you pick which icon wrote each song?
Beatles Albums by Any Song
For an added challenge, don't enter any song titles that are the same as the album they're on.
Queen songs by sheet music (with lyrics - easy)
This may give you a Sheet Heart Attack.
Which 1970s Song? (Multiple Choice Clip Quiz)
Multiple Choice and Clip together is better than peanut butter and chocolate.
Top 100 Bands (1972)
It seems like these songs were hits just yesterday, but it's been 45 years.
Top 3: Pick the Year
That was the year that was...
Missing Word: Usher
This quiz ushers in the second week of the new year
Famous Songs, Plus or Minus...
A more fun way to learn math
Singers and Roman Numerals
This is a quiz where MC Lyte would be worth more than Cher and Madonna put together!
The Last Word: UK Bands II
The British Invasion always had the last word.
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