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7 to 1: The Beatles Albums
I'll give you 7 to 1 odds on this quiz
What's That Singer's Greatest Song?
If Rolling Stone says it, then it must be true.
Oasis Clip Quiz
Are you Team Liam or Team Noel?
Find the Missing Fauna in Songs
Play your best song, and we'll trump it.
Tracks on the Back: 70's Rock Albums
We've been tracking these albums for some time now
Megadeth Clip Quiz
More metal than a tin can full of paperclips.
'Dancing' Artists
Don't just sit there, bust a move.
Music by Volume
This quiz goes to 11. 11 volume.
Quick Pick: Petula Clark Songs
It's a sign of the times that this quiz received an Editor's Pick
Album Map: Evil Empire
It's useful to have a map of any empire.
Finish The Lyrics:Madonna
Finish The Lyrics: Lady Madonna would have been a Clicky-Oke
Green Day's Famous First Verses
September has long since ended. Hopefully someone remembered to wake Green Day up.
Funny Music Graphs
THINGS I CAN GET - Satisfaction - 0%
Singers and Songwriters
Cover me, I'm going in
Jesus Loves Me
Name the words to the song 'Jesus Loves Me'.
Which is the Correct Christmas Song Title?
It's Valentines' Day, so I am of course highlighting a quiz about Christmas.
Name That Love Song
How do they love thee?
💔💔 40 Heartbreak Songs 💔💔
Just in time for Valentine's Day
Album by #1 Single: 00s
Name the album when given the #1 single.
Prince, Michael, Madonna or Lionel? (Clickable)
Can you sort the hits from four of the 80's biggest artists?
Nine-letter Song Starters (A-Z)
There are more 9-letter words than you'd think.
Song Title Successors: 'My'
My guess is you'll like this quiz
Lady Gaga Super Bowl LI Setlist
They went Gaga for the entertainment at the Super Bowl
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