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► Athletes Hall of Fame: 'M'
Can you find the athletes pictured below whose last names begin with 'M'?
England National Team Players (A-Z)
Fun fact: This is how kids in England learn their ABCs.
1st Club From Each Country to win the European Cup
Name the first club from each country to win the European Cup (AKA The Champions League).
Most matches together with Steven Gerrard
Name the soccer players with the most matches in the same team as Steven Gerrard.
Sporcle Quiz 10-1 Sports Sorting Gallery
Pick the Sporcle Sports quizzes that belong to each Sporcle Sports subcategory? Please read game note. .
Which Italian Thing?
Can you choose the image that corresponds to the given Italian person, place or thing?
Odd One Out: Soccer Logos
Pick the logo of the team NOT from each country.
Premier League Every Goal Scorer (Liverpool)
Are Premier League goals classified as premier goals or are they just goals?
Match 'Em Up Blitz - Football (Soccer)
Name the correct pairs to reveal the hidden word for each category.
5-Letter Premier League Players
Name these 5-Letter English Premier League players.
MLS Goal Scorers (A-Z)
Name the all-time leading MLS goal scorer whose last name begins with each letter of the alphabet.
Premier League teams by home kit (2019/20)
There's no place like home!
Games Called Football
Can you pick which 'football' variant is which?
All-time Italy FIFA World Cup goalscorers
A little Italian treat for National Lasagna Day!
Teams of Copa Libertadores (1960-?)
Name the Teams of Copa Libertadores (1960-?).
English League Soccer Teams by Any 3 Letters
*English League Football Teams by Any 3 Letters
Field, Court, or Neither?
Can you choose whether each sport's playing area is typically called a 'field' (or 'pitch'), 'court', or something else?
Champions League: The Nearly Teams
So close, and yet so far...
Most matches together with John Terry
Name the soccer players with the most matches in the same team as John Terry.
International Football XIs: Portugal
It's international, but only within the borders of Portugal.
A Timeline of Football Clubs: 19th Century
Pick the association football clubs matching the descriptions throughout the timeline.
European Soccer Teams 'A'
But in Europe, nobody's calling it 'soccer'.
Real Madrid European Cup Final Match Up
Pick the year when each player scored the last goal for Real Madrid in these European Cup finals.
Soccer Players by First Names
Too bad they don't put first names on jerseys. Makes this a little harder.
Football Rivalries Match
This quiz needs a bit of loving!
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Teams
Have you been following along this year?
Women's World Cup Final Four
Apologies to fifth place.
All 3 Domestic Trophies (England)
Name the managers to win all 3 major domestic trophies (League Title, FA Cup & League Cup) with the same English club.
Quick Pick: Every Women's World Cup
Can you quickly pick the national teams that participated in every FIFA Women's World Cup in soccer?
UEFA TOTY Inclusions with no UEFA Champions League win
Name the players to have been included in the UEFA Team of the Year but have never won the UEFA Champions League.
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