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World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
Pointless World Cup Teams
Name the teams with 0 points in the Group Stage of a World Cup Finals.
TOP 16 of all the world cup soccer team
Name the TOP 16 of all world cup soccer team according to FIFA.
Major North American Sport Franchises (Big 5)
Name the Major North American Sport Franchises.
World Cup 2014 Geography
Does watching soccer really increase your knowledge of geography? There's only one way to find out.
Champions League Players by Nation
Name the 10 players that have made the most Champions League appearances from each nation?
2014 FIFA World Cup Defenders 1 (slideshow)
Name the 2014 FIFA World Cup Centre Backs ? (slideshow).
MLS Teams
David Beckham's contract gives him the highest salary of any MLS player in history, do you know who he plays for?
FIFA World Cup 2002: Still Active
Name the players and managers who were registered for the 2002 World Cup and are still active.
2013/14 Top Premier League Goalscorer A-Z
Name the 2013/14 Premier League top scorer per initial.
France XI's of the 90's
Name the most common members of the France starting line-ups throughout the 90's.
2014 FIFA World Cup Groups
Name the teams in each group of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Champions League Winners, Managers, Cpt's & Top Scorers
Name the Champions League winners and their managers, captains and top scorers.
World Cup by Appearances XIs (Since 2000)
If you can get 100% on this, you're probably a keeper.
Premier League Managers
For our sake, here's hoping none of these managers get sacked this year.
Premier League by Appearances XIs
Name the Premier League XIs by the players who have made the most appearances for each club*.
England's Missed Penalty Takers 1990-Present
Twelve English footballers have missed from the spot since Italia '90. Can you name them? (Friendlies not included)
Guess Football Player from Stats
Can you Guess these Retired Players from their Stats, Position and Nationalitiy
EPL Winning Teams, Managers, Captains & Top Scorers
There's a lot that can be said for getting yourself on this quiz.
Soccer International Tournaments Top 5
Name the Top 5 teams based on results in each of these competitions.
LIVERPOOL's Top 3 Premier League Appearance Makers A-Z
Name the top 3 Liverpool Premier League appearance makers per letter.
MAN UNITED's Top 3 Premier League Appearance Makers A-Z
Name the top 3 Manchester United Premier League appearance makers per letter.
Clubs of Serie A
Largely regarded as one of the elite leagues of the footballing world, Lega Calcio Serie A has produced the highest number of European Cup finalists. How many teams do you know?
West Ham United Top-5 Scorers Since 1992/93
Name the top-5 goalscorers of West Ham United in each season since 1992/93 in the national league.
Fiorentina Top-5 Scorers Since 1992/93
Name the top-5 goalscorers of Fiorentina in each season since 1992/93 in the national league.
Ryan Giggs Premier League Goals
Name the Ryan Giggs Premier League Goals.
2010 World Cup Squad (US)
Ironically, our friends from across the pond might do better on this quiz that those of us in the States.
Women's Football
Name the winners of these women's football (soccer) competitions.
International Football XIs: Germany
Is it FĂștbol, Football, or Soccer...gah! when did sports become so hard?!
International Football XIs: Netherlands
How well do you know your Oranje lineups?
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