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Criteria Players: Liverpool
Pick the Liverpool players according to the criteria.
Ballon d'Or Winner & World Cup Finalist
We'd guess these guys have a pretty decent resume.
Premier League All-Time Goalkeepers by Club
That's a lot of quality 'handy-work'.
Germany's 2014 World Cup Squad
Germany has as good a shot as anyone at winning the 2014 World Cup.
Champions League top-scoring Brits (2000s)
Name the top-scoring Brits in the Champions League in each season of the 2000s.
Champions League XIs: Chelsea
Try not to have a blue day on this one.
B's of Football
Name the answers to these football (soccer) questions where all answers begin with 'B'.
Top Premier League Scorers from Outside of Europe
Now this is something to write home about.
Premier League Man United's Top Scorers
With an estimated value of more than the GDP of about 25 or so nations of the world, Manchester United may as well print their own currency.
Premier League 10+ Seasons
This is some double digit domination.
FIFA World Cup: Defending Champion Losses
Victory is even sweeter when it's a victory over the former champion.
Premier League Managers
For our sake, here's hoping none of these managers get sacked this year.
Clubs of La Liga
In Liga de Fútbol Profesional in Spain, it's not about how many wins you have, but how much freaking money you're willing to spend on your players.
Champions League top-scoring Italians (2000s)
Name the top-scoring Italians in the Champions League in each season of the 2000s.
International Football XIs: Brazil
With just a few more months left until the 2014 World Cup, it's time to start getting excited.
All-Time German Bundesliga Clubs
We hope lederhosen are standard parts of German Fußball kits.
Champions League XIs: Bayern Munich
Is a repeat trip to the Champions League final in store for Bayern Munich?
1966 World Cup Penalty Scorers Minefield
Can you pick every player who scored a penalty at the 1966 World Cup in 30 seconds or less?
Most Premier League Goals (2018)
We think you'll get a kick out of this quiz.
Soccer Traitors
For Americans, this is like someone going from the Red Sox to the Yankees.
2018 World Cup Stars 'A'
Can you match 'A' players with the national team they were members of during the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia?
Guess the Footballer
Can you guess the World Class Footballers?
Over 200 Premier League Goals and Assists
Clubs with 5+ Players at 2014 FIFA World Cup
There's country loyalty, then there's club loyalty.
International Football XIs: England
Here's a quiz of a bunch of English guys who just like kickin' it.
FIFA World Rankings Since 1993
Since FIFA rankings began in 1993, only 7 different teams have held the top rank. None of them are named USA.
Champions League XIs: Juventus
Juventus look dangerous, but look quite different from the last time they were in the Champions League.
Liverpool Players
Name these Premier League Liverpool FC players.
Soccer: A-Z Highest ranked English clubs (2018-19)
Can you name, for each letter*, the club with the best position ranking* in the English football pyramid at the end of season 2018-19?
Soccer Crossword II
Can you fill the Soccer Crossword II?
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