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Before or After Champions League?
The knockouts are nearly here!
Football brothers by picture
The following pictures show brothers who all play(ed) football at a high level. One full name per picture will do.
10 to 1 - Football Clubs by Country I
Match these football clubs to the countries they play in.
Soccer Internationals Sorting Gallery
Make sure everyone gets the right jersey.
Have I Won the Premier League?
Can you answer (Y)es or (N)o whether or not these players have won a Premier League title?
Premier League Legends by Transfer History
These guys had the moves in more ways than one.
Soccer Passports XV
Some are more lengthy than others.
Lions in UEFA Football Logos
Name the European Football Clubs with a Lion in their Crest.
21st Century XIs: Juventus
The famous Old Lady!
Multiple choice: London trivia (sports)
Can you answer the multiple choice questions about sport in London?
English Football League Clubs by ANY Three Letters
Name the 2019-2020 English and Welsh Football League Clubs by entering three letter sequences.
Welcome to the Premier League! (2018 Summer)
What will January 2019 have in store?
Anyone but Arsène Wenger
To be fair, most people aren't Arsène Wenger.
Quick Pick: AFC Asian Cup Winners
Asia's finest take the stage this weekend!
What are the names of these English football players?
Can you name this English football players??
Manchester United's EPL Hattrick heroes
Name the All EPL Hattricks for Manchester United.
10 to 1: Sports in 2018
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Soccer Statues
Name these Soccer Players when given pictures of their Statues and clues? .
Euro 2016 Team Posters
Name the Euro 2016 teams from these posters created by french artist Florian Nicolle for ESPN.
Who's that with those Sunderland Players?
Can you name any of the people in these pictures to have never played for Sunderland AFC?
People (Sports) 7-to-1
Can you match each famous sportsperson with the correct sport?
Premier League Players: Ten Seasons Apart
A decade later, and these guys are still kicking.
Highest ranked German football club per state
Name the club who finished highest in the German football pyramid in season 2017/18 for each federal state.
Spanish La Liga Winners
Name the Spanish La Liga Winners.
More or Less (Sports edition)
Name the relationships between these sporting facts.
10 to 1: Highest Paid Athletes (2015)
Pick the highest paid athletes for each given sport in 2015 (according to Forbes).
Basic Logic Grid Puzzle 4: Football Scores
By football, we mean soccer.
UEFA Euro 2020 Host Cities
18 months to go!
Quick Pick: Quitting While Ahead
Can you match each description to a sports star who retired at the top of their game?
France Footballers with 80+ Caps (Appearances)
Name the French Footballers with 80+ Caps for France
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