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Premier League Champions by Year
You might know who the EPL champion was, but here it's more important to know the when.
All-Time UEFA Champions League Teams
This quiz is definitely not too US-Centric.
Criteria Countries (Sports Edition)
Think of this as being a Sporcle-style decathlon.
Champions League XIs: Manchester United
"I'd crawl all the way from Norwich to Manchester for the chance to play for United." - Steve Bruce
Highest Ranked English Clubs 2018-19 (A-Z)
We probably aren't cool enough for these clubs.
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
UEFA Champions League Winners' Starting XI
All of these players probably had a pretty exciting celebration.
Football in London
On a good (but busy) day, you might be able to stop and take a picture at all these teams' stadiums.
Premier Premier League Teams
These teams are the best of the best.
Top 100 UEFA Clubs
We hear there's a lot of kicking involved.
European Soccer Teams by Nickname on a Map
Pick the European countries when the nickname(s)/more familiar name of their soccer team is prompted?*.
Football Rivalries Match
Pick the greatest rival for each of the football clubs listed here.
2018 World Cup Stars
For now, the stars of the World Cup are completely earthbound.
World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
Last Five: World Soccer Winners
You could say that these teams reached their goals.
Mixed Soccer Logos
These logos may make you loco.
Champions League XIs: Real Madrid
If Mourinho gets his way, pretty soon Antonio Adán will be in this quiz.
Any Team but Liverpool
We're sure people still love you, Liverpool.
EPL Winning Teams, Managers, Captains & Top Scorers
There's a lot that can be said for getting yourself on this quiz.
All 3 Domestic Trophies (England)
Name the managers to win all 3 major domestic trophies (League Title, FA Cup & League Cup) with the same English club.
Premier League Man United's Top Scorers
With an estimated value of more than the GDP of about 25 or so nations of the world, Manchester United may as well print their own currency.
Champions League XIs: Liverpool
This team never walks alone in the Champions League.
Sports 7-to-1
OK be honest, no one really understands cricket, right? No? Just us?
Premier League Logos Close-Up
Some fans feel really close to their teams, this quiz asks how close is too close?
International Football XIs: England
Here's a quiz of a bunch of English guys who just like kickin' it.
Quick Pick: Athletes VI
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
Athletes Turned Broadcaster
Name the broadcasters who are former athletes.
World Soccer Teams 'A'
Match the soccer club to the country (nation).
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