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Arsenal top tens
Name the leading Arsenal player in each category from the past 10 Premier League seasons? .
Highest Ranked English Clubs 2018-19 (A-Z)
We probably aren't cool enough for these clubs.
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
Soccer Puns
You know me, I'm a soccer for a good pun.
Footballers by FIFA Representation
Name the footballers based on their FIFA19 in-game face.
Any Champions League Final Goalscorer by Nationality
We thought the jersey color is all that matters.
Premier League Chelsea's Top Scorers
If you don't know much about Chelsea we don't blame you, I mean they have only been around since 1905.
Premier League Bunker
Can you give the correct answers to reach sector 15 of the Premier League bunker?
Premier League Clubs All Time
Of the 42 clubs that have competed in the Premier League, only the best, er...wealthiest four have won the title.
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
2018 World Cup Stars
For now, the stars of the World Cup are completely earthbound.
Soccer: English Two-Way Rivalries
Match these English clubs that are involved in a two-way rivalry (i.e. fans on both sides agree about being each other's main rival).
Premier League: Top 5 Finishes Minefield
High fives all around to anyone that can get these all.
Premier League Goal Scorers
My intimate knowledge of the NFL did me almost no good here.
Premier League Most Appearances (Career)
The fellows on this quiz sure have done a lot of running around.
FIFA World Cup Teams
I bet most teams are just happy to qualify...well perhaps not.
Top 20 Most Expensive Liverpool Transfers
Can you name Liverpool’s 20 most expensive signings?
Soccer: English Top 5 by Decade
Even if you only know a few teams, you'll still probably get a kick out of this.
English Football Clubs
We hope you do well enough on this quiz to avoid being relegated.
Premier League Sorting Gallery
Are you ready for some football?
Soccer: English clubs by last league title
Name the English clubs in the order of their last League title.
Criteria Quiz: Sports Superstars
Pick the professional sports superstars of the past based on Criteria? Each correct answer must meet ALL remaining criteria. (see How to Play).
Anything but Spanish football team
Name the association football (soccer) teams, apart from The Red Fury (Furia Roja), satisfying these criteria.
English Football Champions
Football has been popular in England for longer than most people can remember.
Premier League: Middle of the Road Teams
These poor teams just can't rise above the pitch.
Premier League 100 Goals
Only 13 players have scored 100 Premier League goals. There's a pretty good chance David Beckham, with only 61 and now in America, won't make this list.
World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
Missing Middles A-Z: Soccer Teams
Pick the missing middle part of these soccer teams.
All-Time UEFA Champions League Teams
This quiz is definitely not too US-Centric.
World Cup Winners
Since only a handful of people really follow soccer, we don't expect this quiz to be popular.
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