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Sporcle's Easiest Premier Team (Per Letter)
For a quiz with 'Easiest' in the title, this is harder than you'd think.
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
Obscure Knowledge - Champions League Winners
We'll spot you a hint. It's probably not the Red Devils.
Premier League Clubs All Time
Of the 42 clubs that have competed in the Premier League, only the best, er...wealthiest four have won the title.
Champion Countries (Team Sports)
Name the world champion country for each team sport.
Premier League teams by home kit (2018/19)
Name the Premier League teams by 2018/19 kit.
Top Six in Premier League
This one's a keeper.
Premier League Winners' First XI
It's good to know who your starters are.
Which World Cup Year?: Morocco
Name the World Cup year in which Morocco....
European Cup Winners
Some of these clubs may be winning again soon; others, not so much...
2017/18 Premier League Goalscorers by any 3 letters
Name the 2017/18 Premier League Goalscorers by any 3 letters.
2017/2018 - Over 15 Goals in Top 5 Leagues
Name the players who have scored over 15 goals in Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and Bundesliga this season .
Score a Goal at the World Cup
Can you make your way through opposition defense and score a goal using knowledge?
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries
Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
Wiki Sports Picture Click
If Wikipedia says it, then it must be true.
Is It Offside?
This should give you a few more things to yell at the ref.
Top Active Premier League Goalscorers
These players simply have a nose for a goal.
World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
Premier League Managers (2000-)
If you want to have a long and healthy career, you might want to forget about managing an EPL team.
Premier League Teams Never Relegated
No matter hard how others try, they just can't get rid of these EPL teams.
FIFA World Cup Teams
I bet most teams are just happy to qualify...well perhaps not.
Premier League Goal Scorers
My intimate knowledge of the NFL did me almost no good here.
Top 31 Aston Villa Premier League Scorers
Name the Top 31 Aston Villa Premier League Scorers.
Obscure Knowledge - European Cup-Winners Cup Winners
With only one attempt, who is the least guessed winner of the European Cup-Winners Cup you can name? (Please use the team's English name)
Clubs of World Cup winners : France 2018
Name the Clubs of World Cup winners : France 2018.
Premier League Players in 2018 World Cup
These guys are the premier players at the World Cup.
2018 World Cup Trivia
Sporcle's national team didn't make the cut, unfortunately.
Paint the World Cup 2018
The perfect blend of athletic and artistic.
International Soccer Cup Winners
This quiz proves that this soccer thing could really catch on around the world.
UK Sorting
A bonus UK quiz? This is sort of the opposite of Brexit.
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