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Which of the Two... Products
If you remember the commercial but not the brand...we question the effectiveness of the marketing.
Quick Pick: Car Slogans
Can you quickly pick the car manufacturer when given its slogan?
30 in 90: Slogans
Try and fight the temptation to want to buy things while playing.
Quick Pick: Tasty Slogans
Can you identify the brand for each slogan that contains the word 'taste'?
Soft Drink Slogans
It's like a contest for who can make their drink sound the most refreshing.
Quick Pick: Fast Food Slogans
Pick the correct fast food restaurant given its slogan.
Quotations, slogans, mottoes: 1917 to 1920
Pick the Quotations, slogans, mottoes: 1917 to 1920.
2016 Presidential Campaign Slogans
Campaign slogans seem to just be the same idea, worded differently.
Which Logo Is It?
This quiz is an advertiser's dream come true.
Three-Word Slogan Match-Up
These slogans are just the right length, not too short, not too long.
Beer Slogan Matchup
Pick the beer that matches it's slogan.
Slogans Fill in the Blank II
Note to advertisers: Slogans just don't have the same oomph when words are missing.
Missing Word: Mottos II
Name the missing word in each motto.
National Mottos
Name the words that make up the national mottos for all the listed countries.
Twisted Tenses: Advertising Slogans
There's something that's not quite right with these slogans.
Rejected State Slogans
Name the state based on the alternative motto.
Organization from its motto, official or unofficial I
Pick the Organization from its Motto I (US, official or unofficial).
Advertising Slogans 2
Name the companies or products with these slogans.
Advertising Slogans in Other Words
Companies spend so much money on their slogans when they could just come to us for a fraction of the price! Quality not guaranteed.
Advertising Slogans Match-Up
Pick the advertisement slogans.
More Honest Corporate Slogans
Sounds like the ad companies had an extra side of sass this morning.
80s Movie Slogans & Taglines
Match these taglines to their appropriate film.
Tagline Twosomes
Some of these slogans are as familiar as your own name.
US City Slogans
Name the US cities that use these slogans.
Fast Food Slogans
We're not sure what getting a good score says about your diet.
Board Game Slogans
If you want to have a fun game you better start with the slogan.
Honest Corporate Slogans
This is what they're really selling.
Word Ladder: Don't Panic!
Name the 4-letter words in this pragmatic ladder.
Missing Word: Corporate Slogans
Name the missing words in these current or former corporate slogans.
Top 20 Words from Trademarks
Name the Top 20 Words from Trademarked Items according to merriam-webster.com.
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