Slogans Quizzes

Yoda Slogans
The Slogans changed by Yoda, can you pick?
Click the Slogan Ending
We're still waiting on that Sporcle custom-designed shoe deal.
Quick Pick: Insurance Slogans
Don't worry, there is no 'Mayhem' in this quiz.
Big Brother Slogans
Big Brother is watching you.
Terrible Slogans
Can you guess which terrible slogan goes with which company?
Slogan to Logo Match - Airlines
Match the airline slogan to the logo of the same company.
Slogan to Logo Match - Cars
This will drive you crazy if you don't know your cars.
Clickable State Nicknames
Pick the Clickable State Slogans.
Corporate Slogans in Spanish
Pick the correct company that matches up to their corporate slogan when translated into Spanish.
US Presidential Election 1976: Match-Up
Match the items in each column to create names and terms associated with the 1976 US Presidential Election.
Slogan to Logo Match - Restaurant Chains
We're not sure what getting a good score says about your diet.
Multiple Choice Company Slogans II
Sporcle - It's What's For Dinner
State license plate slogans
Match the state to its license plate slogans.
TV's Greatest Catchphrases
Can you choose TV's Greatest Catchphrases?
Slogan to Logo Match - Beverages
Tell me I'm not the only one getting thirsty here.
Slogan match
Match the brand with their slogan.
Multiple Choice Company Slogans
These slogans are nice, but at the end of the day, people just want a mentally stimulating diversion.
20th Century Presidential Slogans
Pick the 20th century presidents from their campaign slogans.
Quick Pick: Condiment Slogans
Pick the correct brand of condiment based on its slogan.
Slogans: Last Word
Have you heard about the last word? It's all the rage lately.
1980s Commercials
Because TV isn't just about TV shows.
Slogan to Logo Match
Not sure why, but we now have a sudden urge to buy stuff.
1970s Commercials
These TV commercials have been repackaged into a picture click quiz!
Mis-Matched Slogans
Pardon me, do you have any stimulating diversions?
130 Years of Coke
Can you fill in the blanks of 130 years of Coca-Cola slogans?
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