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Follow That Line: The Best of Sgt Terry Jeffords (B99)
Can you follow the best Sergeant Terry Jeffords lines from Brooklyn Nine Nine?
Follow That Line: The Best of Gina Linetti (B99)
Can you follow the best Gina Linetti lines from Brooklyn Nine Nine?
Follow That Line: The Best of Amy Santiago (B99)
Can you follow the best Detective Amy Santiago lines from Brooklyn Nine Nine?
Follow That Line: The Best of Jake Peralta (B99)
Can you follow the best Detective Jake Peralta lines from Brooklyn Nine Nine?
Sitcom Character Match-Up
Match a few shows to a few characters, and yada, yada, yada, you're done.
'90s American TV A-Z
Are we the only ones who sort their favorite shows alphabetically?
Seinfeld Vocabulary
Pick the words from Seinfeld by their definitions.
TV Shows by Mouse Pad
Mice don't use computers!
Only I was nominated (Golden Globes)
Can you choose the only cast member who was nominated for a Golden Globes Best Performance by an Actor/Actress?
Find the Female Sitcom Characters
Pick the female sitcom character.
4 Decades of TV Show Premieres IV
Here's a hint: the Netflix shows are NOT from the 1980s.
4 Decades of TV Show Premieres III
A lot of these old shows were out of this world.
Word Ladder: A Crook and a Cop on TV
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder that reveals the names of two 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' characters.
Mis-Matched Sitcom Characters
These characters are a perfect match for each other.
Iconic TV Duos II
These duos go together like cathode rays and high-vacuum tubes.
7 to 1: One-Season TV Shows
Can you actors that starred in each of these one-season TV shows?
Ruined By A Letter: TV Shows
Why'd these letters have to go and ruin TV for us?
The 'Amazing' Friends Quiz
Pick the word to complete these 'amazing' quotes from 'Friends'.
Somewhere in the Middle (Television)
And here we thought Malcolm was in the middle...
Missing Words from F*R*I*E*N*D*S Quotes (Picture Click)
Pick the Missing Words from F*R*I*E*N*D*S Quotes.
Gender in TV Show Titles
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to gather 'round your TV set.
Sporclin' Through the '60s II
Knowledge of the middle verses of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' is pretty much mandatory here.
Sitcom by Workplace
Time to get down to work.
Holidays with The Simpsons
Who wouldn't want to spend the holidays in Springfield?
Funny TV: 3 Clues
Pick the funny TV show from just 3 random clues.
Brady Bunch
Here's the story, Of a lovely lady...
'80s Sitcoms
In the cold light of the future we've finally determined that Alf was a terrible TV show.
'70s Sitcoms
Can anyone explain to us what the deal was with couch patterns in the '70s?
Howdy, Neighbor! II
You can't create a classic sitcom without at least one wacky neighbor.
Word Ladder: '60s TV Show
Name the five-letter answers in this word ladder.
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