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Female 'N & O' Singers Matching Blitz
Every female singer listed has a first name starting with either the letter 'N', or the letter 'O'. Can you match each first name to the correct last name within 2 minutes?
Get the Picture: Post-Beatles Hits
Can you choose which member of the Beatles released each of these songs?
Word Ladder: Canadian Pop Star
Name the three-letter words in this singer-themed word ladder.
Click the Singers A-Z
Pick the prompted singers, one for each letter of the alphabet.
Wrongly Attributed: 00-10s Feel Good Songs
Can you click the answer that would correct the mistake in each clue? See Game Note.
Rappers by First Names
Being on a first name basis with these rappers would be another achievement entirely.
Most Maxim 100 Entries
Name the Most Maxim 100 Entries.
Britney Spears Crossword
Complete the Britney Spears themed crossword.
Mixed Word: Bon Jovi Songs
Can you unscramble the names of these Bon Jovi songs?
The Louisiana Gator Boys
Can you click the members of The Louisiana Gator Boys without clicking a decoy?
Artist and Girl Name Song II (Match Up)
Match the artists to the girl name songs they've made.
60 Second: Pop Song Sort V
Match these songs with the pop artist that performs them.
Word Ladder: Woodstock
Name the four-letter words in this Woodstock-themed word ladder.
Rage Against The Machine or Limp Bizkit
Can you choose the song either performed by Rage Against the Machine or Limp Bizkit
Quick Pick: Demi Lovato Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Demi Lovato song titles.
Female Singers by Drawing Blitz
Pick the drawing of the female singer in only 60 seconds.
Word Ladder: Reggae Pioneer
Name the 3-letter words in this music themed word ladder.
Pop Music Idols of the 50's and 60's, Part 3
Can you correctly pick five songs for each pop idol?
Colourful Musical Artists
Can you choose which colour completes the following names of artists?
Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande?
Don't feel too sad when you find yourself knowing most of these.
That's Elvis's Song!
Can you decide which of the two songs was Elvis Presley's single, and avoid the songs by other musicians?
Complete the Duet
Pick the second part of these duets.
Meat Loaf Body Parts Match
Pick the correct body parts that fit the following Meat Loaf songs.
Missing Word: Give It Your Best Shot
Name the missing word from these musical artists, all of which share a common theme.
Carrie Underwood's Vocabulary
You better think before you cheat on this.
Filipino singers
Pick the singers with Filipino heritage.
Trivia or Con IV (Music Edition)
Can you choose whether each statement is true (trivia) or false (con)?
Quick Pick: 1990s Top 10 'B' Artists
Pick the B Artists that had top 10 US hits with these songs in the 1990s
7 to 1: Hits by Royal Artists
Can you pick each Billboard(see note) hit song for each artist with a name associated with royalty?
Musician Initials by Picture
Sadly, M.I.A.'s initials are M.I.A.
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