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Jump, Walk, or Run Songs
Take a walk (run or jump) on the wild side.
K-pop Girl Groups
Pick these K-pop groups by clicking on the correct image.
Born in March: GIF Calendar Pick - 2019
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
Taylor Swift Song by Video
Pick the correct image of a music video by the name of the song performed by Taylor Swift it accompanies.
Metallica or Iron Maiden?
Can you guess whether the song is by Metallica (M), Iron Maiden (I) or neither (N)?
The Eagles or Aerosmith?
Can you guess whether the song is by The Eagles (E), Aerosmith (A) or neither (N)?
Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes?
Can you guess whether the song is by Charlie Puth (P), Shawn Mendes (M) or neither (N)?
Find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees (2010s)
We'd like to extend a welcome to the newest members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees (2000s)
Rock all night, and party every day.
Mis-Matched Bands & Solo Artists
A Jackson/McCartney mash-up sounds like a great idea.
The Beach Boys or the Beatles
I wish they all could be Sexy Sadie.
First Name Basis: Music
No need for surnames here.
Tracks on the Back in Black
It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.
Sporclin' Through the '80s III
This will either be a trip down memory lane, or you will have no idea who any of these people are.
Sporclin' Through the '60s III
Welcome to the 60s!
Somewhere in the Middle (Music)
There is absolutely nothing at all ironic about this quiz.
Three Decades of Hits
These are the musicians who have lasted from 8-Track to Walkman to iPod.
Sporclin' Through the '50s
This is for all you cool cats out there.
Musician by High School Photo
Looking at these pictures, you can tell these musicians had to overcome a lot.
Lead Singers
You know the songs, the albums, and possibly the groupies, but do you know the lead singers for these famous bands?
Word Ladder: Todd Rundgren's Preferred Activity
Name the four-letter words in this themed ladder.
Mini Music Word Ladders
How else are you going to climb the ladder to musical stardom?
Rock Songs by Words in Movie Titles II
Unfortunately for Nicolas Cage, 'The Rock' didn't actually make the cut.
Five Song Frenzy
'One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.' - Bob Marley
Bald Singers
In playing this quiz, we just wanted to photoshop hair on everyone.
Billboard Top 10 2010-2011
Name the Billboard Top 10 2010-2011.
Top 100 Bands (1972)
It seems like these songs were hits just yesterday, but it's been 45 years.
Billboard Songs of the Year
Perhaps one day "Sporcle" by Björkle will make this list.
Country Music Association Awards
The first CMA Awards in 1967 were an un-televised event. If the 2009 awards were to be un-televised, there would be rioting in Nashville.
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