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Missing Word: Nirvana and Rihanna
Name the word missing from both given Nirvana and Rihanna songs.
Click a Williams
This quiz contains 20 Williams, but not a single William.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Music
It's a musical explosion.
Get the Picture: Boston or Chicago
Can you choose whether each of the listed songs was a hit by Boston or by Chicago?
Most-Followed Artists on Spotify
Name the artists that have the most followers on Spotify when given the thumbnails of their playlists.
Britney Spears's Vocabulary
Play this baby, one more time.
Wasting Time in the '90s
Nostalgic '90s trivia never feels like a waste of time.
Absent Letter Country Music Artists
Pick the country music artists in alphabetical order when they are missing their first letter.
2010s Solo Artist Match
You can say, 'thank u, next' as you click each correct answer.
Bruce Springsteen Song By Any Word
Name the Bruce Springsteen song by any word.
Shared First Name: Musicians
These musicians are surprisingly good at sharing.
Sorting Blitz: Musicians
Singing makes sorting more fun.
30 in 60: Lead Singers
It's time for your lead-in.
Click the Canadian
Some Canadian stars are forever young.
Are You Ready to Rock?
This quiz rocks so hard you don't even need to roll.
Pop Music Artists
WARNING: May contain artists you do not like. Get over it.
150 Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock seems like it should be a mixture of Beethoven and Chuck Berry, unfortunately it means you hear a lot of Styx.
The Beatles or Queen?
One group's the Fab Four, and the other are just Killer Queens.
Elton John Clip-py-oke
For each song clip by Elton John, pick the next line - feel free to sing along!
Song by Duet Image
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Match the Celebrities names
Match the celebrities first and last names.
Musician Images (A-Z) IV
If we had an alphabet book for musicians, these are the people we'd like to see in it.
Who's Your Hoosier?
Pick the Indiana born person for each clue.
Was That Song a Cover?
Sure, "Yesterday" was a great song and all, but we probably need at least a 5 year moratorium on musicians covering it.
Subcategory Sort: Country Music, Rap, or Rock
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Fill in the Rhyme: Taylor Swift
Can you finish the Taylor Swift lyrics by picking the rhyming words that complete them?
Images for Every Subcategory: Music
It's time to face the music.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1990s)
What is love? We're pretty sure these guys know.
Rock Musicians Then & Now
It's like a rock n' roll time machine.
Odd One Out - Music
Less than 10% of people get all the answers right, so if you score higher, you're the odd one here.
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