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10 to 1: 80s Pop Songs
It's time to take this quiz and pop off.
► 100 Years of Musicians
Can you name musicians in this music timeline?
Divided Artists
We're not talking double-life a la Hannah Montana here.
50 Hit Artists to Click: 2000
Pick the artist who performed these 2000 songs.
150 Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock seems like it should be a mixture of Beethoven and Chuck Berry, unfortunately it means you hear a lot of Styx.
Rappers Rainbow
We'd buy this album.
Musicians Appearing on Hollywood Squares
Can you identify these musicians from stints on the television game show Hollywood Squares?
Movies AND Song Titles (Slideshow)
Name these movies that all share their titles with a song.
Odd But True Music Facts
Fact: Cats make surprisingly good bass players.
Fill in the Rhyme: Taylor Swift
Try not to get too miffed if you fail this quiz about Ms. Swift.
Sorting Blitz: Musicians
Singing makes sorting more fun.
Lost for Words: Musicians
Being at a loss for words doesn't seem conducive to becoming a successful musician.
Crossword: Rock Artists by Songs
Can you fill in this crossword with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers when given two of their songs?
50 States, 50 Greats (Musicians)
Can you click the state which produced the following musicians?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Music
It's a musical explosion.
How Do The Eagles Want You To Live Your Life?
Do You Know How The Eagles Want You To Live Your Life??
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music II
Make a choice and then cut a rug.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
In case you're looking for a new way to sort your record collection, this quiz has a few ideas.
There's a Country in My Song Title!
Pick the artists or bands who have had a Country smuggled into their Song Title.
Bands By Last Name
They may not be household names, but their bands sure are.
What Is Bon Jovi Living On?
Look at that picture. Bon Jovi is living on life.
Disney Sings To You
Please hold your applause until the credits.
Remembering the Manchester Arena Bombing
Pick the answer corresponding to these facts about the Manchester Arena Bombing.
Musicians by Death Location & Year
Many of these musicians left us far too soon.
Quick Pick: 'Long' Song Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles with 'long' in the title.
Musicians Describing Themselves
These musicians sure are a lot of different things.
50 Hit Artists to Click: 2003
Pick the artist who performed these 2003 songs.
Wasting Time in the '90s
Nostalgic '90s trivia never feels like a waste of time.
Match the Celebrities names
Match the celebrities first and last names.
Almost Useless Music Trivia
We say "almost useless" because you never know what they'll ask at Sporcle Live.
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