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30 in 60: Lead Singers
It's time for your lead-in.
100 Greatest Singers
I kept typing William Hung, it didn't take it.
Sorting Blitz: Musicians
Singing makes sorting more fun.
Pop Music Artists
WARNING: May contain artists you do not like. Get over it.
Lead Singers
You know the songs, the albums, and possibly the groupies, but do you know the lead singers for these famous bands?
We Didn't Start the Fire
Sure, this song by Billy Joel has been nominated as one of the worst in musical history, but everyone has heard it, and it has a pretty good run down of important events and names from the past 60 years. How many of the 120 can you get?
150 Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock seems like it should be a mixture of Beethoven and Chuck Berry, unfortunately it means you hear a lot of Styx.
Figure Out The Secret Artist
This sounds like an excellent idea for a game show.
Are You Ready to Rock?
This quiz rocks so hard you don't even need to roll.
Female Singers
C'mon admit it, you have many of these in your ipod.
American Idol Winners
America really idolizes these people. Or at least some of them.
Musician by High School Photo
Looking at these pictures, you can tell these musicians had to overcome a lot.
Who's in One Direction?
You either know what this is or you don't...plain and simple.
Figure Out The Secret Artist II
It must be hard to sell records if you keep your name a secret.
Figure Out The Secret Artist III
This sounds like an excellent idea for a game show.
One Name Singers (A-Z)
A quick tip for all those musicians out there that want to go by one name: 'S', 'M' and 'F' are all full up, we need more 'X' and 'Y'!
Lead Singer Match-Up
There's almost too much ego here for one quiz.
Songs & Movies with the Same Title
Apparently there are only so many titles to go around out there, so it is important to recycle some of the more usable ones.
Best-Selling Female Singers
We are not sure what exactly it takes to be classified as a Diva, but it probably helps if you are on this list.
Musician Nicknames
Most musicians really try to make a name for themselves, others are so good that they need more than one name.
We Are The World Singers
The real question is 'Who WASN'T on this track?'
'80s Bands Lead Singers
The 1980s had some great bands, and even better hair.
Famous Lead Singers by Picture
When you're a lead singer in the rock band, you have to have a great voice, but more importantly you need the right moves.
Music Pictograms
These pictograms were presumably found in some ancient temple somewhere. Of course, this is only further proof that Paul is dead.
Three Decades of Hits
These are the musicians who have lasted from 8-Track to Walkman to iPod.
Was That Song a Cover?
Sure, "Yesterday" was a great song and all, but we probably need at least a 5 year moratorium on musicians covering it.
Pop Music Artists II
Pop music artists always have the best sunglasses.
Odd But True Music Facts
Fact: Cats make surprisingly good bass players.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Music
It's a musical explosion.
Picture the Song II
If you can figure out the lyrics, you'll be music royalty.
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