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Musician by Biography Title
Knowing about musicians' lives would probably help you understand their music better.
Female Singers
C'mon admit it, you have many of these in your ipod.
Female Singer Blitz
This is almost too many hits for one quiz.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'M'
Never put the letter 'M' in the freezer. It turns ice to mice!
Musical Artist Sorting Blitz IV
Can you sort the musical artists in the following genre order: Rock, Country, Pop, Country?
Are You Ready to Rock?
This quiz rocks so hard you don't even need to roll.
Pop Music Artists
WARNING: May contain artists you do not like. Get over it.
Performers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Name these musicians who were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The Beach Boys or the Beatles
I wish they all could be Sexy Sadie.
Where Is The Love?
Can you feel the love?
150 Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock seems like it should be a mixture of Beethoven and Chuck Berry, unfortunately it means you hear a lot of Styx.
Halfsies: Taylor Swift Songs
Pretty soon, Taylor Swift will have written a song about every person she's ever met.
UK Artists with U.S. #1 Hits
This is the real British invasion.
Musicians on Canadian Stamps (Picture Click)
Can you identify the musicians who appear on these Canadian postage stamps?
Top 100 Songs of 2000 by ANY Word
Pick a word, any word.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'C'
This is this type of quiz you'll want to Cher with your friends.
Ed Sheeran Songs
And here all this time we thought this was Ronald Weasley with a guitar.
TIME Cover Stories - Musicians
Pick the singer/musician/group that matches his/her TIME magazine cover story. Dates given are the magazine issue date.
Who's in One Direction?
You either know what this is or you don't...plain and simple.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'B'
These musicians are the best of the best.
Rock Artists by Image
If you miss any of these musical legends, the rock gods will be rockin' and rollin' in their graves.
Michael Jackson Song by Any Word
We're a little sad that 'King' and 'Pop' didn't trigger any song titles...
Acting Musicians
Some of these musicians show real promise in their acting. Others should stick to singing.
Lead Singers (Female Edition)
Whatever you do, don't call them frontmen.
30 in 60: Lead Singers
It's time for your lead-in.
Gwen Stefani's Favorite Fruit
This quiz is Hella Good.
2000s Rock Music Slideshow
We thought for sure these musicians would have been playing on hoverboards by the 2000s.
Musicians Upside Down II
Do not adjust your computer screen.
Musicians by Fan Products
These products really fan the flames of our musical devotion.
Are You Ready to Rock? II
Let's be honest here, Steven Tyler sort of looks like a crazy old cat lady now, doesn't he?
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