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Happy, Sad, Lonely or Crazy Songs
Try not to hold all these emotions at once. It'll be confusing.
Sporclin' Through the '60s II
Knowledge of the middle verses of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' is pretty much mandatory here.
Musical Super Groups
Name the Members of these Musical Super Groups.
Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran?
How do you even tell them apart?
Missing Word: Top 10 Artists: A (60's-80's)
Name the word beginning with 'A' missing from the names of these artists that had top 10 US hits.
Alliterative Entertainers
This is a quality quiz.
Male Singer Blitz II
This quiz might be the only place where you can confuse Bruno Mars with Bob Dylan.
The Beatles Songs by 5 Words
Name the songs from The Beatles when given 5 keywords in its lyrics.
7 to 1: Billboard Top 5 Hits by Artists From Texas
Pick the songs that were Billboard top 5 hits for each artist that is from Texas.
Word Ladder: Shawn Mendes
Name the 4-letter words to this word ladder featuring songs by Shawn Mendes.
Beatles Songs Missing a Letter
Now these are some remixes we can get behind.
Almost Useless Music Trivia
We say "almost useless" because you never know what they'll ask at Sporcle Live.
60 Second: Pop Song Sort
How much radio have you been listening to?
This or That Song Titles
Can you choose the correct title for each artist from the two similar song title options?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
In case you're looking for a new way to sort your record collection, this quiz has a few ideas.
Wait, who sang that one?
Hey, who did this song? I can never remember...
Fast Facts: Music (True or False)
Singing along discouraged. It'll slow you down.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1990s)
Pick the artist by its only Billboard Top 40 hit (all songs charted in the 1990s).
Music Acrostic Puzzle
Acrostics are good for more than elementary school craft projects.
150 Classic Rock Bands
Classic rock seems like it should be a mixture of Beethoven and Chuck Berry, unfortunately it means you hear a lot of Styx.
Was That Song a Cover?
Sure, "Yesterday" was a great song and all, but we probably need at least a 5 year moratorium on musicians covering it.
The First Word: Louis Armstrong Songs
Name the missing first word from these songs recorded by Louis Armstrong.
Top 3: Pick the Year
For those of you that listen to music all year round.
Halfsies: Taylor Swift Songs
Pretty soon, Taylor Swift will have written a song about every person she's ever met.
First Names First: Singers
If a singer only goes by one name, does that count as being on a first name basis with them?
Born in October: GIF Calendar Pick - 2018
Pick the person who was born on the month, date and day of the week shown on this calendar? (See How to Play).
Sporcle's Easiest Music
It's like the recorder of musical quizzes.
Always, Forever, Now or Never Songs
"Sometimes, for a while, maybe on Thursdays" doesn't evoke the same drama.
Prepositions in Album Titles II
To the river and over the wood, through grandmother's house we go...
► Sporclin' through the '60s III
Name the historical people, movies, musicians, TV shows, athletes, board games and toys from the 1960s.
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