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Naruto Characters A-Z
Name the characters of Naruto franchise from A-Z by the images in this slideshow.
Find the Missing Fauna in TV Shows
Shark puns are jawsome.
What Happened to Roose Bolton?
What happened to Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones?
Game Of Thrones Logic Puzzle Based On The Show
Game Of Thrones Logic Puzzle Based On The Show
Find the Cartoon Mice
Our puns are so cheesy, we could feed all these mice.
That's No British Settlement: That's a GoT House!
Can you click the Game of Thrones Houses without picking a British settlement by mistake?
Find Eric Cartman's Many Faces
I'm not fat, I'm festively plump.
South Park Character Click
Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!
Television Checkpoints
A checkpoint usually means that your game is about to get really hard. Seems the same is true for TV checkpoints.
Click the Netflix Original Series
Click the series and chill.
Cities in Entertainment
Animal print sport coats should be coming back in fashion any year now.
United States of Television
Some states just hog all the good shows.
Eurovision winning Countries (Picture Click)
Pick the countries which have won* the Eurovision Song Contest.
Animated TV Match 'Em Up
You can't keep a good animated TV show down.
Same Story, Different Episode
The first treatment for the patient makes her worse, the second nearly kills her, but finally they arrive at the right diagnosis because of a completely unrelated conversation.
Cartoon Houses by Picture
Those who live in cartoon houses, should not throw cartoon stones.
Cartoons From the '90s
Please let this be a normal field trip...
TV by First Names
It's good to be on a first-name basis with fictional characters.
Name the Nicktoons Show
Prepare yourself, for nostalgia.
Star Trek: Click-an-Entity
Pick the correct non-corporeal or gaseous lifeform, space-based organism, or alien entity.
Game of Thrones Murder Chains
Can you select the correct Game of Thrones character to fill in each murder chain?
Find the TV Mean Girls
Name the TV mean girls.
TV Shows Missing 'G' Words
Looks like you'll find the missing words over that way.
TV Shows Missing 'F' Words
File this quiz under 'Fun'.
TV Shows Missing 'B' Words
These shows are the ____!
TV Shows Missing 'A' Words
These shows are missing some words, it's up to you to find them!
Absent Letter 'Game Of Thrones' Characters
Pick the characters from 'Game Of Thrones' in alphabetical order when they are missing their first letter.
Find the Female Sitcom Characters
Pick the female sitcom character.
The Amazing Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz
Name the characters and answer the trivia questions from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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