Entertainment Show

TV Show by Mural
When TV shows and street art collide.
TV Show Opening Credits V
You don't need to watch the show to recognize the opening.
TV Characters in Costumes
But we thought TV characters were always in costume?
TV Shows by Crossword Clue
You can't impress anyone by using a pen here! They'll just laugh at you for drawing on your screen.
Muppet Musical Guests
'It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights.'
TV's Second Golden Age: Characters from TV Dramas
Many critics say we are in TV's second Golden Age. Apparently, Jersey Shore never got the memo.
Headless Comedy Shows
If you cut off a sitcom's head, it will still go on for five more seasons.
Gilmore Girls Surnames
Here's to our favorite fast-talking, coffee-drinking Stars Hollow residents.
25 Years of Television Endings IV
More like 25 years of crying about never seeing our favorite characters again.
TV Shows That Changed Networks
Don't change the channel...On second thought, maybe you should.
Find Eric Cartman's Many Faces
These faces are big!
TV Goes to Broadway (Multiple Choice)
Give my regards to cable!
Name That Game Show II
If you like game shows then come on down!
TV Show Opening Credits IV
Sometimes a picture is worth a title.
Which TV Character's Catchphrase?
Honest question: If Sporcling required a catchphrase, what would it be?
Click a New Show (Fall 2016)
Click 'em before they're cancelled!
The One With the Guest Stars
Get all these guest stars in a room and who knows who will come out alive.
Medical Shows by Picture
I told my doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.
Missing Word: 2011 Emmys
Travel back in time to 2011.
Click an NBC Show (2000s)
Just click on the pictures that match the 20 TV show titles.
Cartoons for Adults
Are these anything like those coloring books for adults?
Fantasy Show by Cast Photo
Where every cast photo is fantastic.
TV by Emoji II
A quiz that transcends time, space and :-)
📺 Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest TV series
Yep. Rolling Stone magazine still exists.
Simpsons Character Flashbacks/Forwards
Shouldn't Bart and Lisa be in their 30s by now?
TV Show by Priest or Nun
TV shows will go anywhere for help.
TV Show by 'And ...' Credit
Seems like half of these could be Ted McGinley...right before the show is cancelled.
Inaccurate TV Show Titles II
When TV show titles go astray.
2016 Emmy Leading Actors/Actresses (Clickable)
It's an honor just to be in this quiz.
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