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25 Years of NBC Shows
NBC was founded 90 years ago, here's what they've been up to for the last 25.
TV Shows by Tagline (2000s)
I will follow where you lead...
Sex in TV Show Titles
Can you choose the correct male or female words to complete these TV show titles?
TV Siblings by show
Match the TV Siblings to the correct show.
TV Character Blitz
Pick the TV characters.
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Blackboard Blitz: Batman Villains
Fix the blackboard by erasing (clicking) all the wrong answers to leave only Batman villains.
According to TV Theme Songs
It turns out you can learn a lot from a theme song.
Name That Show
Maybe I watch TV, but I really feel like I know these people...now that I see that in print it seems kinda scary.
TV Show by Running Joke II
If anyone knows anything about running jokes, it's this guy.
TV Time
Thankfully, not all of these shows last as long as their titles say they will.
Freeze Frame TV Ladder
There's more than one way to climb a ladder.
TV Show by Running Joke III
Admit it, these jokes just get funnier and funnier.
The Simpsons Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each 'The Simpsons' character?
TV Show Opening Credits VIII
Name the TV show by a scene from its opening credits.
Missing Word: TV Show 5-Letter Beginning (A-Z)
Name the five-letter words that begin each TV show's title.
'Friends' 10-to-1
They'll always be there for you. Along with their siblings, exes, pets and guest stars.
2 TV Series Per Actor
Pick the 2 TV Series each actor starred In.
TV Character Blitz III
Pick the TV characters.
People Mentioned in 'Hamilton'
So, apparently there is this show called Hamilton that people kind of like. Maybe you've heard of it?
TV Character Blitz II
Pick the TV characters.
The Big Bang Theory Character Blitz
Pick the The Big Bang Theory characters.
TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
TV Show Opening Credits
This might be hard for those of you with Tivo, as you probably fast forward past this screen.
TV Show Opening Credits VII
Even shows know how to give credit where credit's due.
TV Show by Running Joke IV
Running jokes are way better than jogging jokes, trust us.
Inaccurate TV Show Titles II
Now taking new suggestions for each of these show titles.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Television
And you can play this game without those other pesky contestants interfering with your fun!
Sitcoms by Opening Line
In the case of Friends, the line is surprisingly not 'How you doin'?'
TV Show Couples
We can't account for what might have happened when these couples were 'on a break'.
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