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TV Show by Locker Scene
Why do TV kids spend so much time at their lockers?
Match the famous TV character to their show
Match the famous TV character to their show
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Can you choose the correct answers to each question from John Carpenter's winning game of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'?
Quick Pick: Television 'B' Shows
Pick the real television shows starting with 'B' whilst avoiding the decoys.
'And' or 'In'?
Can you choose whether the blank in each name or title should be filled with the word 'and' or the word 'in'?
'Friends' 10-to-1
They'll always be there for you. Along with their siblings, exes, pets and guest stars.
TV Shows Cut Off At 'C'
This quiz is a cut above.
TV Shows: Finish The Catchphrase.
Can you fill in the missing word from these Television Show Catchphrases?
Game Shows: Finish The Catchphrase
Here at Sporcle, we've got mad respect for our main man Trebek.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2
Can you choose the correct answers to each question from Dan Blonsky's winning game of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'?
Quick Pick: Promiscuous TV Characters
Match these TV shows to characters who feature in them? .
Name the Friends Character Who...
We still don't know if they were on a break or not.
Follow That Lyric: The Greatest Showman
Pick the line that follows each quote from the 2017 movie musical The Greatest Showman.
Medical Shows by Picture
I told my doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.
Name That Anime
This might be the most anime-ated quiz on Sporcle.
Which Sitcom Are They From?
"The worst part of prison was the dementors."
TV Title Fill-in-the-Blank
We think your chances are not remote, channel your focus, use your (tele)vision and enjoy.
10 to 1: Game Shows
Pick the answers to these game show related categories.
Follow That Line: Stranger Things
On a scale of 1-10, we give this quiz an Eleven.
TV Drama by Last Name
Pick the TV Drama by the last name of a main character.
TV By Doctor
Get me 10cc's of Sporcle, STAT!!
TV Blondes
Name the TV SHOWS with these blonde haired actresses who starred in them.
What Jeff Probst WILL Say on Survivor!
If you are a contestant on Survivor, it's likely you hate this man more than anything.
Missing Word: Anime Shows (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from the titles of each of these anime shows?
Find the TV Female Nerds
"Guess who's got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't cried once today?"
TV Crime Shows - 2002 to 2015
Name these TV crime shows that have aired in recent years.
Find the Female Sitcom Characters
Pick the female character that belongs to each TV sitcom.
Quick Pick: TV Twosomes
Pick the other half of these TV Show couples.
TV Shows by Literal Image
There's a reason why you shouldn't take everything literally.
Hamilton Song Titles in Other Songs
'I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original.'
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