Show Quizzes

TV Shows by Russian Doll
Did these dolls influence the success of these TV shows?
Name That New Show (Fall 2016)
Do you remember Fall? Do you remember broadcast TV?
3-D Famous Names
No special glasses needed.
Gilmore Girls Cast Photo
This quiz will make you want to sit down with a pile of junk food and binge watch the whole series.
TV Shows By Hired Help
Because good help is hard to fine.
Eight-letter TV Starters (A-Z)
You just can't finish what you haven't started.
Four-Set Venn Diagram--Television
Can you put each TV show in its place?
Graham Norton's Sofa Celebrities
Because celebrities like to sit down.
Golden Globe and Emmy: Comedy Actors
Because you just can't get enough awards!
3 Television Threesomes
The best things on TV, come in three.
CBS Shows A-Z
CBS has been making TV shows since 1941. We're surprised they don't have a Q or X show yet.
Golden Globe and Emmy: Comedy Series
We'll leave the comedy writing to these talented folks, thank you very much.
TV Shows with Christmas Trees
Who doesn't like trees?
TV Show Opening Credits V
Those of you who fast forward through the credits will find this challenging.
TV Characters Known By One Name
Last names? We don't need no stinkin' last names!
TV Shows by Nail Art II
Don't bite your TV shows!
1960's TV Shows A-Z
The 1960's were colorful and alphabetical!
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Television
And you can play this game without those other pesky contestants interfering with your fun!
TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
Realistic Simpsons
Perhaps realism is overrated?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment
Think you know your Entertainment subcategories? Prove it.
Click an NBC Show (2000s)
Donald Trump calls himself the 'King of Debt,' but Michael Scott is definitely the 'King of Bankruptcy.'
A Truly 'Smashing' Quiz
Get smashed and then take this quiz.
ABC Shows A-Z
X marks the missing letter.
Identify the TV Show with Cast as Clue
Given 4 cast members, can you pick the right TV show?
5-Star TV Villains
Which villain is the most evil of them all?
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