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TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
Quick Pick: Sherlock Episode Titles
Pick the missing words from these Sherlock episode titles.
Sherlock Trivia
You'll have to be a Sherlock super sleuth to get 100% on this.
Sherlock Character Blitz
Pick the Sherlock characters.
Iconic TV Duos
Can you correctly combine these, according to Rolling Stone magazine, iconic TV duos and their TV show?
BBC Sherlock General Knowledge
DISCLAIMER This quiz involves spoilers about Season 4. DO NOT do this quiz unless you have seen all of the recent 2017 episodes.
Quick Pick: Literary Professors
Pick the books in which you can meet these fictional professors.
Sherlock Characters (Picture Click)
Pick the Sherlock Characters.
Follow That Line: Sherlock (BBC)
You might have to consult your mind palace to remember all the answers.
John's Speech at Sherlock's Grave
Name the words in John's speech at Sherlock's grave, without first dying of a broken heart.
The Ultimate BBC Sherlock Trivia Quiz
Pick the correct answers in this BBC TV Sherlock quiz.
British Television Mysteries and Crime Shows
Match the British mystery or crime show to an image from the series showing the main character or characters? (see How to Play).
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