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...But Is It Shakespeare? II
Honestly, we just want every Shakespeare play remade into movies starring Nicolas Cage.
Shakespeare Title Characters by Death
In Shakespeare, it seems like everyone dies, it's just a matter of how you go.
Prepositions in Play Titles
Prepositions may not be the stars, but they play a supporting role in these titles.
Word Ladder: Follow Your Heart
Name the five-letter words in this heart-inspired word ladder.
Shakespeare by Location
'On a stage' is probably the most accurate, and unhelpful hint.
In Plain English: Much Ado About Nothing
You have stayed me in a quizzical hour.
Word Ladder: Richard's Winter
Name the 4-letter words in this Richard III-themed ladder.
Shakespeare Plays by Opening Line
This Will fellow sure knew how to get things started!
Let's Make Shakespeare Appear!
Look in the mirror and say his name three times really fast.
The Madness of Shakespeare
Somebody better calm him down before comes back from the grave.
Marc Antony's Funeral Oration
Nobody does death better than Shakespeare.
Shakespeare's Ladies
You think these ladies made Anne Hathaway jealous?
Name a Shakespeare Play...
There seems to be a lot of quizzes about this Shakespeare guy!
Quick Pick: Shakespeare Plays
Can you quickly pick the missing part of each Shakespeare play?
Bible or Shakespeare Character?
Both gave us many phrases we still use today.
Macbeth's Soliloquy
Macbeth was such an eloquent, but anguished, man.
Shakespeare Play Isograms
Shakespeare was never one to repeat himself.
Shakespeare by Numbers
Little-known fact: Shakespeare was excellent at pretending to be a mathematician.
Cryptogram Map: Shakespeare Characters
To decrpyt, or not to decrypt? That is the question.
Pick the Real Shakespeare Words
Wherefore art thou, Shakespeare reader?
Word Ladder: This Ain't a Shakespearean Comedy
Name the rungs to this Shakespearean word ladder.
Shakespeare's Garden
Who knew that Shakespeare had such a green thumb?
In Plain English: Twelfth Night
If Shakespeare made us breakfast, we'd ask for a Hamlet.
Word Ladder: No Good Can Come from This
Name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder.
Word Ladder: Beware!
Can you provide the four-letter words for this themed ladder?
Shakespeare: Name Any Character
A true test of character.
Missing Word: Shakespeare and Classic Rock
Name the word missing from the Shakespeare line and the rock song title.
True or False Blitz: Shakespeare Plays
Guess wrong and you may feel stuck between a rock and a bard place.
Word Ladder: Shakespeare Theme
Name the 4-letter words that complete this Shakespeare-themed word ladder.
Missing Word: Shakespeare A to Z
Name the missing words in these lines from Shakespeare's plays.
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