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Shakespearean Heroines
Get thee to a nunnery...and while you are there play some Sporcle.
5-Star Shakespeare Plays
Take a bow, Will.
What's Your Impression?
It's time to bust out your best Christopher Walken and take this quiz.
Before or After: Literature
We knew some of these books were old, but we didn't know they were THAT old!
Coined by Shakespeare
Don't worry, no one's expecting a pound of flesh for payment here.
Odd One Out - Literature
There's nothing odd about being a bookworm.
Female Literary Characters 7-to-1
Can you match each literary character to the author who created her?
Characters in Shakespeare's King Lear
The Timer shall unfold what plaited cunning hides.
English Monarchs in Shakespeare
It's good to be the king.
Shakespeare Play: Any Word A-Z
Pick a word, any word.
Shakespeare-Inspired Titles
Four hundred years on and the Bard is still a gift that keeps on giving.
Romeo and Juliet Prologue
Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who royally ruined it for each other.
In Plain English: A Midsummer Night's Dream
If there's one thing Shakespeare and The Real World taught us, never trust anyone named 'Puck'.
Spoiler Alert: Shakespeare Edition
We're not so sure 'Spoiler Alert' still applies when the material is 500 years old.
Hamlet Death Row
To Sporcle, or not to Sporcle? Is that even a question?
Shakespeare: Murder or Suicide?
Behind the bard's lovely face, the true killer lies.
Word Ladder: Ay, There's the Rub
Name the five-letter words in this Hamlet-themed word ladder.
On Each Day of November
'November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.' ― Emily Dickinson
Friends Titles: Shakespeare
We'd pay good money to see Joey Tribbiani in a Shakespeare play.
Main Shakespeare Characters by Play
Hint: Try the title characters first.
Shakespeare or Taylor Swift
The lady doth shake it off, methinks.
Author by Necklace
It'd be really impressive to fit the contents of an entire book onto a necklace.
What's in a Shakespearean Name?
A quiz by any other name would smell as sweet.
Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
Pick the Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!.
Shakespeare International
The Bard gets around.
Lost in Entertainment
It's easy to get lost when you're so entertained.
In Plain English: Othello
Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words, but apparently never thought to use 'happily ever after.'
Shakespeare or Captain Picard?
We're amazed that Shakespeare never appeared in a holodeck episode.
Shakespeare's Extras
How else are you supposed to find roles for the financiers?
Word Ladder: Shakespeare Quotations
Name the missing words in these Shakespearean quotations and climb down the word ladder.
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