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Bible Numbers
Math was always easy for Moses. He had a supportive staff.
Quick Pick: Revelation 22:13 (NIV)
Can you put the words of Revelation 22:13 (NIV) in the right order?
Word Ladder: Ash Wednesday
Name the four-letter words in this religiously-themed word ladder.
First Five: Religion
You only need to know half the commandments for this one.
Finish the Famous Bible Quote
Pick the last word to these famous quotes from The Bible (KJV).
Five-Letter Biblical Figures
They may only be five letters long, but we're still not sure how to pronounce all these names.
Finish the Famous Psalm Quote
Pick the last word to these famous psalms? (KJV).
Bible 'L' Blitz
Name the Biblical things all beginning with 'L' in 90 seconds.
Book of the Bible or Sura of the Quran?
The Quran contains references to many people and events also found in the Bible, but unfortunately neither book contains unicorns.
Two Name Biblical People
Can you choose the other, when given a name of a Biblical person known by two names?
Old or New Testament Figures II
How many more years have to pass before we start calling the New Testament old?
Clickable Blitz: Minor Prophets Only
Can you click on all of the Minor Prophets while avoiding the mines?
Bible Decisions: Genesis
Sometimes we think of so many puns, we aren't Abel to choose just one.
Name a Bible Book
When you get this many Bible books together, they're sure to find they have a few things in common.
1/10 of John 11
Can you name one out of every ten words of (KJV) John chapter 11?*
1/10 of John 10
Can you name one out of every ten words of (KJV) John chapter 10?*
The Struggle Is Real - OT Bible Characters
Don't miss Moses and, if you Cain, avoid making a Lot of Ruthless mistakes.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Religion.
Find Five: Bible Characters
Pick the five characters from the Bible that fit into each category.
Old or New Testament Figures
Isn't the New Testament actually pretty old as well?
First 300 Words: Genesis (NIV)
This quiz starts in the beginning.
23rd Psalm Click-a-long
This one'll take you all the way back to Sunday school.
Criteria Bible Books
Pick the Bible books that match ALL the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Averse Bible Verses II
Can you determine whether each verse is the NKJV verbatim or changed to reflect an opposite concept? See Game Note.
VALENTINE'S DAY: Romance Straight From The Bible
Can you choose the missing word from the Bible verse shown regarding romance and love?
Bible Book by Letter Blitz
Can you name any book of the Protestant Bible for each letter of its common name, so that entering one correct answer triggers the others that start with that letter? Numerals are ignored for the purposes of this quiz.
Three-Word Bible Phrases
Sometimes all you need is three words to get your point across.
Books of the Bible - Matching Sets
These Bible books make quite a pair.
'J' Bible Books
'J' Bible Books almost sounds like it could be an obscure biblical rapper...almost.
Draw the Crucifixion
Can you reveal the scene at Calvary by filling in the blanks for Luke 23:39-46 (NIV)? See Game Note.
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