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Find Rugby World Cup Pool Winners
Pick the nations that won Rugby World Cup pool stages..
Sports Balls
Now here's a whole new ball game.
Click the 2019 Rugby World Cup Logos
Have you been paying attention to this year's teams?
Japan Rugby World Cup Host Cities (Mapped)
RWC 2019 is underway! But do you know where the games will be?
Missing Word: Rugby National Team Nicknames
Name the words that are missing from the nicknames of these Rugby national teams? .
2019 Rugby World Cup Teams
Once you've seen one rugby pun, you've seen a maul.
Quick Pick: Appeared at Every RWC
Japan 2019 starts this week, but for what teams is this far from their first rodeo?
Quick Pick: None More Black
Pick the nickname for each New Zealand sports team.
A British family quiz - Sport 2
Can you answer these sport questions correctly? See how to play.
Rugby World Cups Point Scorers
Name the Top 3 Point Scorers from each Rugby World Cup.
Rugby World Cup Runners-Up
Name the Rugby World Cup runners-up.
Which World Cup?
Can you choose whether each fact corresponds to the FIFA, Rugby, or Cricket World Cup?
Field, Court, or Neither?
We really should just adopt a "universal sportsball area" term.
Sport by Necklace
We don't mean Olympic medals.
Rugby and Soccer world cups countries
Name the countries that have qualified for both a Soccer and a Rugby union world cup.
Rugby World Cup 2019 Teams
Exactly one month to go until the World Cup kicks off, so do you know who is taking part?
Football, Cricket, Rugby - England's World Cup winners
A grudging congrats on the cricket from the Kiwi Rugby curator
NRL Club Name Match
Match the two words to make a NRL club name.
Games Called Football
Can you pick which 'football' variant is which?
100+ Points for New Zealand All Blacks in Rugby Union
Name the men who have scored 100+ Points for New Zealand All Blacks in Rugby Union.
World Rugby Coach of the Year
Name the World Rugby International Coach of the Year.
Rugby Championship teams
See if you can name the teams ahead of the start of this year's competition
Super Rugby Finals
Another season of Super Rugby done, so let's see how well you remember its history of finals
Super Rugby League Teams
Can you rejoin the names of these current or former Super Rugby League Teams?
-lphabetized: Rugby
For each question below, can you select which rugby player would be in the alphabetical rank listed if its first letter had not been removed?
Top Rugby Nations
Name the Top 20 Men's Rugby Nations by the World Rugby Rankings as of 16th September 2019.
Aviva Premiership Stadia on a Map
Can you locate each Aviva Premiership stadium on the map of England?
International Rugby - Winning or Losing Records?
Do these teams have all-time winning (W) or losing (L) records in international rugby?
Olympic Siblings
Name the sports each set of siblings is competing in at the 2016 Olympics.
2018 State of Origin Teams
Prepare for this year's State of Origin by seeing how many of last year's players you can name
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