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Scotland/Wales: Between Two Wins
Scotland's victory over Wales in this year's Six Nations was their first for ten years: can you remember what the world was like back then using the hints?
Find Five: Sports Teams
With all the high fives athletes give each other, we're surprised that their hands aren't permanently bruised.
Wales National Rugby Team International Test Opponents
Can you name every international test rugby side that Wales have played against in rugby union?
Beaten France at Rugby Union
Pick the teams that have beaten France in a rugby union test.
Match the Rugby Character to their Autobiography
Match the rugby character to their autobiography.
6 Nations Backs Try Scorers
Can you name every back that has scored at least one try in the 6 Nations (2000-Present)?
RBS Six Nations Hat-Trick Scorers
Name the rugby players who have scored a hat-trick during a Six Nations match
Foreign-Born Italians: Rugby Union (Professional Era)
Name the players to have represented Italy in rugby union since the game turned professional who were born overseas? (Latest game included: England v Italy, 26th February 2017).
Rugby Union War Dances
Pick the war dances of the Pacific Island rugby union teams.
6 Nations Forwards Try Scorers
Can you name every forward that has scored at least one try in the 6 Nations (2000-Present)?
Rugby Pitch Lines
What Are the Lines on a Rugby Pitch Called?
Rugby League Golden Boot
Can you name every winner of rugby league's Golden Boot award?
Thirteen Groups of Thirteen
Can you identify all thirteen members of the following groups?
Aviva Premiership Stadia on a Map
Can you locate each Aviva Premiership stadium on the map of England?
Scotland Rugby World Cup Try Scorers
Can you name every Scotland player to have scored a try at the Rugby World Cup (1987-present)?
Losing Finalists
Name the teams which have reached the final of, but never won, these competitions.
Rugby League Positions
Name the Rugby League Positions.
Sporty Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bear who practices each sport.
Ulster Rugby Irish Internationals (2000-Present)
Name the Ulster Rugby players capped by the Irish National Team (2000-Present).
2016 NRL Grand Final Teams
Name the players who compose the 2016 NRL Grand Final teams.
Beaten South Africa at Rugby Union
Pick the teams that have beaten South Africa in a rugby union test.
Who Beat the All Blacks?
Name the Teams that have beaten the All Blacks.
PRO Rugby Teams
Name the PRO Rugby Teams.
Anglo-Welsh Cup
Name the top four teams of each Anglo-Welsh Cup.
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
Largest Rugby League Transfer Fees
Name the Largest Rugby League Transfer Fees.
Rugby U20 World Championship Teams (2017)
Name the 2017 Rugby World Championship teams (under 20).
RBS Six Nations All Time Appearances
For the uninitiated, RBS stands for Royal Bank of Scotland, but somehow this quiz is all about Rugby. In related news, banking abroad sounds really hard.
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