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Keanu Reeves Needs a Job
Keanu has a new movie coming out today. It seems like he's doing alright for himself.
Match The Real-Life People To Actors Who Played Them
Being played by Meryl Streep is not an honor everyone will recieve.
Get the Picture: Freeman or Jackson
Can you decide whether Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson starred in these movies?
Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane Trivia
In celebration of Rory McCann's birthday (April 24), can you answer these questions about his most famous role, The Hound on Game of Thrones?
Actor Movie Chain: 1990s
Extra credit if you find the weakest link.
TV to Movie Match-Up
Match the given TV show image with an image from its feature film counterpart of the same name.
Blonde and Brunette Roles
Can these actors act like it's their natural color?
'80s Comedy by Three Cast Members
Three's a crowd, but they made it work.
15 Seconds of Fame: Sean Bean
Pick the Sean Bean character which appeared in each of the famous films in only 15 seconds.
Word Ladder: MCU Actors
Can you provide the 4-letter words and names in this word ladder with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca
Wwwah. Rrroooaaah. Ggwaaah.
Get the Picture: Disney Villains
Can you choose the correct Disney villain for each piece of trivia?
Tom Hanks Films by Criteria
Some would argue that Tom Hanks' presence is the only criteria necessary.
Click a Williams
This quiz contains 20 Williams, but not a single William.
Get the Picture: Monty Python Roles
Pick the Monty Python member who played each of the given roles in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
Quick Pick: Samuel L. Jackson Roles
Pick the correct movie starring Samuel L. Jackson when given his role in the movie.
1960s TV Slivers: Leading Ladies
Can you find the leading lady characters of 1960's Television from the slivers below?
Star Trek: Click-an-Entity
Pick the correct non-corporeal or gaseous lifeform, space-based organism, or alien entity.
Movies with Astronauts
Bring a spacesuit.
Movie Trivia
You could make a movie about some of these.
Actors Aged Through Makeup
You'd think they'd just hire someone... older.
Get the Picture: Which Michelle?
Can you identify whether each movie features Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Williams, or Michelle Rodriguez?
Missing Word: Midnight in Paris
Name the missing word from the movies in which these Midnight in Paris actors appeared.
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
Movie trivia and movie quotes, all wrapped up into one puzzle.
Charles on TV
Pick the television characters named Charles (or a variant - e.g. Charlie, Chuck, etc.).
Pop Culture: Phoning It In
Some pop culture ages like fine wine. Other pop culture ages like bananas.
Extraterrestrials, Monsters & Robots
Name the TV Shows that featured these extraterrestrials, monsters or robots.
Match the Remake/Reboot
How much nostalgia can Hollywood exploit this year?
Click-A-De Niro
When clicking, aim carefully.
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